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PS3 Slim Console Bundle

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-12
For all gaming enthusiasts, the fun never completes unless and until they play some nice games on the Play Station. The Play station 3 (PS3) is a seventh generation game console developed by Sony. Before the PS3, there was play station 1 and 2. The PS1 and PS2 have gone through major transitions before the introduction of PS3. Just as the newer and slimmer version of PS2 created a storm in the market when released, the PS3 has also swept the market on its unveiling. The PS3 slim as the name suggests is a slimmer version of the game console with the same features as the earlier models have. Features of the PS3 Console The PS3 slim has many features to offer, and it is mainly due to these sophisticated features that it inspires people to buy it. The console is now available at considerably low prices, and the design and look has been toned down to a smaller and compact design. Here, it is crucial to mention that though the new version is slimmer, it has a larger hard drive. Moreover, it is a lot quieter and cooler than other models. The PS3 slim console bundle cheap is available at $299 only which means you can easily buy it. It has an easy to use interface and all the games are available in high definition. One impressive feature of this slim console is that if you want to relax your game playing hands and watch a movie, then you can use PS3 Slim as a DVD player. The console comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI output with 1080p support. You can choose between the models with the 80 GB and 120 GB of hard drive space or you could go for the console with 250 GB hard drive. There is no external power supply, and you can play your games online through the free online gaming service. And, not to mention, it comes with the integrated web browser. Apart from the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, other features PS3 has to offer are two USB ports where you can easily plug external storage devices. You can play the MPEG video files via the USB or disk as well as view the JPEG files. The PS3 bundle comes with a dual shock 3 controller, AV cable, power cable, and USB cable. One of the major drawbacks you may come across with the PS3 slim is that it is not compatible with games from older versions such as the PS2 games. Even though the console offers media and online gaming features, they are not as efficient as the other consoles. Another disadvantage is that it does not have infrared so controllers that are not Bluetooth enabled cannot be used with this console. You have to agree that with a compact design, multimedia compatibility, energy efficient operation, and cheap PS3 slim bundles, the PS3 slim offers a good package at lowered prices. One cannot deny that compared to the older versions of PS like PS1 and PS2, this seventh generation game console has much more to offer at a very reasonable price. Shop for Sony PS3 Slim 250GB deals on their website: PS3 Slim console bundle deals, offers, game packages, PS3 'Move' controller coming soon, and review cheap PS3 bundles on offer from retailers in England before you buy.
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