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ps vita 2000 slim coming to europe for £180

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-21
As expected, Sony has officially announced that it will release the PS Vita 2000 in the UK, which will be released on February 7 for about 180.
However, what has not been realized before is that the slim model will replace the original model, so if you want to make a version with an OLED screen, you \'d better find one as soon as possible before they run out.
With the new version of the console, there are 10-
The game independent Super pack, including Thomas, is lonely, floating Cloud gods with HD, super speed, total recoil, alien variety, Coconut Dodge resurrection, male room chaos, edge state save Pilgrim Super Frog HD, Miami hotline
The new slimline PS Vita will be available for pre-
Order in the UK from later today.
Although it is expected to be officially announced later this morning (
We will update this story when it happens)
ShopTo seems to have confirmed PS Vita\'s-
The UK will release version 2000 this year. The PCH-
2000 is a relatively small upgrade to the existing version, which is thinner than the original version and 15 lighter.
It also has a new micro USB Type B port and 1 gb of internal storage memory.
Most importantly, the battery life of the new version has been extended by one hour, with a total of four to six hours.
However, this requires a lot of cost, 2000 using an LCD display instead of the original OLED display, which many people think is not worth the increase in battery life.
It was released in six different colors in Japan in last October (
White, gray, yellow, pink, brown and black)
Although we don\'t know whether all of this will arrive in the UK at the moment.
Although it mentioned pre-
The ShopTo ordered today is delicious
An online flyer that has now been removed)
Sony did not give a UK release date, but Sony may reveal that later.
There is no indication yet that the game will be released in Europe, although given its failure in Japan, it may mean it will never be released.
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