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by:ShunXinda      2020-05-05
In most cases, when you purchase a printer it comes the printer cable. However, it is possible to lose that cable and make it impossible for you use your printer. Of several of the models these days are also USB compatible, using the USB port of your printer is often slower than using the actual cable that is meant for that type of hardware. Anyone who is gone from a full-fledged printer cable to a USB cable for the printer knows the difference. There is a significant difference in data transfer speed between the two. Even if everything else you look up through the USB goes incredibly fast, that is simply not the case for most printers. So while many of today's printer models do come with a USB cable it is not good idea to use it if you do large amounts of printing at a time. You can find a suitable printer cable it just about any electronics store. They are often in the same section that you can find other types of computer input cables, and they are also usually inexpensive. The aware that if you have a photo printer, then you may need a different type of output cable for your printer to go to the computer. Pay attention to the output spot on your printer to find out if you need something in particular. Otherwise, the standard kind of cable will do. You will find that the prices on these types of cables will vary. Some brands have them for only a few dollars, while others have them for $20 and up. Usually the price varies depending on the length of the cable as well as the quality of input-output sides. Something keep in mind is that many retailers will drastically markup their cables. This is because there is no other way for many consumers to get them, especially with many printer manufacturers not including the cables in the box these days. This markup can be anywhere from 500% to 3000%, as the cost of making cables is extremely low. Be wary of any prices that are too high, as they are simply handing money to the retailer, not the manufacturer themselves. Be aware that many modern-day printers use different types of tables. While USB is just one of them, and parallel ports that were once common are slowly being phased out. Many models these days use ethernet ports or FireWire, so knowing which type your printer is compatible with is essential. The printer cable market is big business for retailers, so make sure that you do not pay too much for a simple table. If nothing else, do some research and do not listen to the salespeople in the store in order to get the product that will do the best for you.
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