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presents for the petrolhead in your life

by:ShunXinda      2019-10-01
Compact volume of the pump, high-
High quality Bluetooth speakers so you can continue listening to your favorite tunes when you drive to the camp or hotel?
The new audiobook GO from Bayan, UK has made great progress, which sounds better than previous models (
Although this does not include the Radio).
It is about the size of a small hard back, weighs 480 grams, has four colors and is charged via a micro USB.
Both eyes and ears are pleasant. £79. 99, selfridges.
ComSnap it up: Nextbase 402 caught in actEver, hope you caught that stupid driving action in the movie?
Now you can use the great next base 402G-car camera.
Small cell phone and hi 1,080-
HD video quality, it has an ultra wide angle lens that captures what you, the driver, see.
It\'s recorded in three.
The minute section automatically \"freezes\" the event if it feels hit or you choose.
Watch movies using the software provided, including speed, location on Google Maps, and g-forces. £129. 99, halfords.
ComStylish: Garmin\'s nuvi 2699 shows me that the Christmas list without sat is complete
The stylish nuvi 2699 of Nav in is worth a visit. Boasting a six-
Inch screen, also has voice control function.
Features include a real glass clipto-
Zoom display that can be used vertically or horizontally.
Detailed map of Europe to pre-
Life cycle update loaded.
Foursquare adds millions of interest points and digital traffic updates to you --ups.
Direct access to the huge part of the venue that will guide your actual needs. £199. 99, garmin. Goods: Q-
Is BOPZ CandyGear looking for a small speaker?
How about this little one, 19. 99 three-watt gearknob-
Style number from QDOS? For its size (
It\'s in your hand)
Sounds good. you can connect to your phone or tablet wirelessly.
It has a suction cup, so it can play up to seven hours as a prop for your phone.
It also has different colors. £19. 99, qdossound.
ComRide on: Mini Cooper gift SetModel madness at Revell 1:24 remember that you had that exciting sample car with your dad at Christmas. . .
For a few days?
Now, the Mini Cooper gift set at Revell 1:24 teaches these skills to everyone, including the 1960 s Mk1 model, as well as the rubber tires produced by BMW since 2001. £27. 98, amazon. co.
Special object: Neil Young\'s \"special luxury\", a memoir of life and youth
Love every page through Neil Young\'s special luxury, Memoir of Life and cars.
This is a gentle, affectionate, rambling narrative, jumping between the past and the present, telling the love of the musician\'s life;
Cars, songs, guitars, women. . . .
But most of them are old cars, many of which are beautifully illustrated with his own sketches.
Can\'t wait to read the rest. £27. 75, ebay. co.
UkSuperb sound: the plantrotec\' plantronicsI for night-time silent use of plantrotec\' wireless noise reduction headphones and Mica has always relied on excellent Bluetooth headsets while moving.
Now, they have used their expertise to make a remake Pro headset with excellent audio quality and noise --cancelling (
\"Reduce\" will be more accurate)tech.
For passengers (
They are in a nylon bag)
They are well structured, sound great and wireless. Sound-
When the button is touched, the cancel can be muted so that the conversation can be heard without removing it. Without noise-
Cancellation is expected to have up to 24 hours of listening time when recharging.
There\'s a cable behind. up.
Used purely as noise-
The battery can be canceled for up to 60 hours.
After they put their phones down, they went into sleep mode --calls too. £163. 46, amazon. co.
UkTime to fly: Revell four helicopter four camper flying camper you have your collection car fleet-
Or arrange an outing at your local Vintage Car Club.
But how best to get the wonderful aerial videos and stills of everyone lined up outside the bar?
Remote control of leville
Of course, control the camera quadcopter.
Charge, turn it on, let the equipment air, and get your special day movie on the 2 provided. 5GB micro SD. Has in-
The flight indicator light, you can cycle the loop. £67. 15, amazon. co.
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