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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter - Honda Dealers Tips

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-09
No matter how wrong the weatherman continues to be, there is one thing you can count on with winter; if you are going to experience car problems, this is the season it will happen. There are several things you can do to try and prevent mechanical issues in the winter time as well as making sure your El Paso Honda is stocked with items that have nothing to do with mechanical issues. If you are not sure you are doing all that you should in order to make sure your Honda is ready for winter, stop by your Honda dealer and let them winterize your car for you. A bit of your time and a few dollars' worth of service work can save you a lot of time and money in the future, not to mention stress. Get a tune up: Over the summer the heat has caused breakdowns within the composition of your oil and the way it works with your Honda. Now is the perfect time to get a tune up and oil change so that you have fresh oil, a new filter, wires, and spark plugs that you know are going to work every morning. No matter how well you take care of your car, humidity can sometimes get into your wires and cause a lack of spark. This can mean the difference between a vehicle that will start in the morning and one that will leave you stranded when you shut it off to get gas. Now is also a great time to have your windshield wipers changed. Have your anti-freeze tested: Even if you think you can add anti-freeze at home, you may not be doing it in the amounts that are best for your El Paso Honda. Your Honda dealer can give you the specific amounts or test and add anti-freeze for you so you know it's done the way it is supposed to be. Increase air pressure: In the summer time, you need to lower the air pressure in your tires to allow for the way they heat up on the road. Air pressure that is too high in the summer can cause the air to expand too much as it heats up and will eventually cause your tire to blow out. In the winter time you need to increase your tire pressure because the cold causes the air in your tires to become denser. You will get better traction with increased air pressure and you may also realize better gas mileage. Be prepared for emergencies: There are several ways you can prepare for just about any kind of emergency. For starters, you should always have a first aid kit in your El Paso Honda, especially if you have children. During the winter time you also want to have extra blankets and hot packs that heat up when shaken or broken. Also be sure to keep a cell phone charger in your car along with an old cell phone that can dial 911 whether or not it has minutes. This is just in case you forget your own phone at home. You can also keep a bucket of kitty litter in the trunk. The litter can provide traction when you are stuck on an icy or snowy road while the lid to the bucket makes a great emergency shovel.
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