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Prepare Yourself For The Best Sports Camera Ever

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-09
The first thing that you need to know about the GoPro Surf Hero camera is that it is among the few camera released on the market that has 1080p HD on board video capable of recording at thirty frames per second. However, if you would like a video or a still picture of you taking on the waves with double the frame rate, you are able to do that in smaller HD displays, such as the 960p or the 720p. Basically, all you need to do is mount it on your surfing board, which a fairly easy task and the camera will take captures of all of your cool moves and tricks. Another great thing about the GoPro Surf Hero is that, even though it includes all the features of a professional camera, it has an accessible price. In fact, it is able to make HD movies of a quality that is comparable with the one that you normally find in cameras costing ten times its price. In addition to the HD movies, the Surf Hero also includes a five megapixel camera that you can set up to take quality pictures automatically. More exactly, the camera can take photographs at intervals between two and sixty seconds, until the batteries die or you fill up your SD card. If you are worried that the SD card of the GoPro Surf Hero is too small, then you should know that in average it allows you about two and a half hours of shooting. Regarding the batteries, the Surf Hero comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion accumulator capable of a bit under three hours of continuous shooting. Even though you might think that the battery life is sort of short, the good news is that it can be recharged in one hour via the car charger or two hours via the USB port of a computer. A really fine feature of the Surf Hero is that it has a built in warmer that will prevent the batteries from freezing during temperatures under zero degrees Celsius. In addition to the picture and the batteries, a further amazing feature of the camera is the audio capability. The manufacturer takes pride in incorporating a sound system that allows you to record the sounds of your sport and not of the wind or people talking in the background. Consequentially, when you will be playing the tape on your VCR you will not only see a HD movie but also enjoy a crisp clear sound. As the name of the camera suggests, the Surf Hero is designed to be water friendly. However, regardless of how much water it takes, that will not interfere in any way with picture shooting or movie making. As a matter of fact, this technology was tested on the windy surf areas of Southern Mexico, Tahiti and Hawaii. Speaking of watery and harsh conditions for an electronic device, you will be glad to know that the Surf Hero can take on some wear and tear, thanks to its polycarbonate exoskeleton and waterproof materials.
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