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Power Your Smartphone From Your Pocket

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-10
With today's technology solar panels can be shrunk down to fit into your hand. Batteries have gone through a transformation as well. Technology allows the manufacture to increase the mAH rating and reduce the size as well. Put the two together and you have a Hybrid solar charger or solar power charger that can be used as a battery backup for your iPhone. We are talking about charging your Smartphone's, iPods, Cameras, and other small electronics you may use or travel with. This devices or gadgets if you will can charge or extend talk time as well as play time on your handheld gaming device. With today's Smartphone and all you can do with one, like watch movies, play games, not including the apps for your phone, all these different types of media for your phone can be very taxing on your battery life. You may find your battery life not lasting as long as you would like. Depending on how heavy of a user you are the battery life on your Smartphone may not even last 8 hours. So these devices were invented to give you the consumer the ability to charge your Smartphone from anywhere. Power is not always available when you need it. These Hybrid chargers have a built in solar panel that you can use to recharge the internal battery these devices have. These gadgets are capable of being recharged via the sun, USB port, wall outlet, and some even come with a car charger that has a built-in USB port as well. These types of chargers allow you the flexibility to be able to charge your Smartphone even on the beach, camping, or any other place where power my not handy. Sizes may very but you will find several that can easily fit into your pocket, purse, or even your glove box. No more cutting your conversation short because your battery on your cell phone is dying. A Hybrid solar charger or solar power charger does eliminate the number chargers one has to carry when traveling. These types of chargers are compatible with several different types of small electronic devices and are not proprietary to just one. As an added feature available are several tips to connect your charger to your handheld electronic device you wish to charge. Some Hybrid chargers are designed to charge two devices at once. These portable solar chargers can be used at anytime or anywhere the need arises when you find yourself without power or your cell phone is dying. No longer have to look for power or leave your cell phone somewhere to charge. You can charge your phone on the go now.
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