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power up your phone by hand or by sun

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-19
As the recent storms and power outages have shown, we are now very dependent on mobile phones for communication, especially since many people have got rid of fixed phones.
If there is no electricity, what is the option to charge the cell phone battery? A.
The spare battery can only be used for such a long time, but the manual battery
Starting up the charger and the micro solar panel are two options to restore your phone\'s power.
Add an alternative charging device to your home emergency kit (
Also flashlight and candle)
Is a way to keep in touch with others, but keep in mind that for large-
Cellular services and Wi-
The Fi router is also likely to fail.
There are several companies hand-made
Including eton and K-TOR.
The price of a simple crank starts around $17 and then starts to rise from there.
To use one, connect the phone to the device with a USB charging cable, then turn the crank continuously until you see that the battery power of the phone goes up a notch or two.
Depending on the device involved, this can take a few minutes to start up, but you should be able to get enough power to make an emergency call
If your house has its own power issue, you need to call the electrician, which may help. If hand-
Eton also offers solar power, you don\'t need to start
Solution and K-TOR has pedals-
Power charger for about $200. Portable solar-
The electric charger can provide energy for the equipment in emergency and non-emergency situations (like camping)
No physical strength.
The New York Times Company Wirecutter reviewed the product, tested 70 solar cell chargers, and found that the $51 Anker PowerPort solar Lite is the best model for lifting mobile devices.
Built-in smartphone case
Solar Charger is another option even in daily use.
Snow lizard makes the case for the current iPhone model, and the portable solar store website sells the case for several Android phones.
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