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power banks and usb cables can be dangerous too

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-23
More work needs to be done to check whether the power pack and USB cables are safe for consumers.
In order to keep the digital device running properly throughout the day, there is a lot of demand on the market for this portable battery and USB cable.
Amin Asari
Founder SoyaCincau\'s technical website.
Com said that while both mobile phones and chargers have security certifications from local regulators, the power bank does not currently have them.
Unlike the charger, \"there is no label or label on the power supply group for attention.
This makes it difficult for the public to decide which products to buy, \"he urged authorities to step up efforts to close the gap.
At the same time, Amin said, we should stick to buying power banks from well-known brands and stay away from those incredibly cheap.
\"For example, the 10,000 mAh power bank of a good brand is about 50 yuan.
\"If someone sells a power bank with the same capacity for 20 yuan, you should doubt it,\" he said . \".
Amin also urged the public not to put power banks in their cars under the scorching sun to expose them to high temperatures.
\"There are no protections for cheap power banks to prevent them from exploding or breaking.
When the battery is exposed to high temperatures, the gas accumulates and can leak and explode.
\"Also, once your power supply group or device is fully charged, unplug it and don\'t let it overcharge,\" he said . \".
Amin pointed out that there was also an accident in the power bank that imitated the brand, saying that the battery pack may not have been fully protected.
When the power supply group is charged from the power outlet, this can create a dangerous situation when the power supply group is used as the power supply for the charging device.
\"There is no necessary construction --
In function, when connected to a power outlet, there is nothing to prevent the power group from being overcharged.
\"Also, when charging the device, it does not turn off itself when the battery of the device is full.
\"Normally, under overcharge protection, the battery should be turned off on its own,\" Amin explained . \".
As for charging the phone from a laptop or desktop computer using a USB cable, Amin says there is no big risk because the voltage provided is very low compared to the charger.
\"If the rubber case of the USB cable is broken or worn out, the USB cable can transmit the current to you.
But usually the damage on the wires is visible, which prevents people from using them, \"he noted.
Amin, the Malaysian Association of standards user Technology Policy, agrees (product safety)
Executives at Nur Asyikin Aminuddin said it was time for authorities to regulate power banks and USB cables to help reduce risk.
Khalidah Mustafa, general manager of Sdn Bhd at Sirim QAS International, said the agency has not yet certified power banks and USB cables under its product certification program.
However, companies that produce this product can approach Sirim. (
Sirim is the Institute of Standards and industry in Malaysia, and Sirim QAS International is the leading certification and testing agency in Malaysia. )
As for the mobile phone charger, she advised the user to refer to the user manual provided.
\"It is not advisable to use a mobile phone when charging, especially with a wet hand.
\"Consumers are also advised to buy batteries from the original device manufacturer when replacing old batteries to ensure that the new ones are the same as the ones originally provided by the phone,\" she said . \".
At the same time, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission will also regulate communication equipment such as mobile phones (MCMC)
Certified by Sirim QAS International.
\"Certified phones will have a valid MCMC label,\" Khalidah said, adding that \"consumers can use the\" Check your label \"mobile app or check through ecommsirim. my website.
\"For Chargers provided with mobile phones, Sirim QAS International will only approve the manufacturer or importer if the phone and all its accessories comply with the relevant MCMC technical specifications.
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