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Porter Cable Generators

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-11
Porter Cable offers one of the most extensive generator lines on the market. The H1000IS-W is rated for 10,000 watts and can provide 19,500 watts at surge. The 20-horsepower Honda engine runs from a 7-gallon capacity tank. For smaller loads, the H650IS-W is rated for 6,500 watts, with a surge capacity of 12,500. It is also powered by a Honda engine, this one running with 13-horsepower off of a 7-gallon tank. The H450IS-W is rated for 4,500 watts, 8,500 surge and runs on a 9-horsepower Honda engine and a 7-gallon tank. Smaller still the CH3501S and PH3501S are rated for 3500 watts with 7500 surge capacity, powered by 6.5-horsepower Honda motors. The only difference is the smaller gas tank capacity of 3.8 quarts on the PH model vs. 4 gallons on the CH model. Porter Cable's 4,500 watt H451CS-W has a surge capacity of 9,000 watts and is powered by a 9-horsepower Honda engine and a 4-gallon capacity gas tank. The smallest model, rated for 2,500 watts, is the CH250 with a surge capacity of 3,125. With only a 0.45 gallon tank, this 5-horsepower Honda motor won't run for long on one tank of gas. If you are looking for a generator powered by a motor other than those made by Honda, Porter Cable also has a 3000-watt CTE300 with a 6-horsepower Tecumseh motor and 4 gallon gas tank. In addition, they stock five different mid-size generators powered by Briggs & Stratton, most of which also feature a 7-gallon capacity gas tank. The BSV550-W is rated for 5500 watts while the BSV750-W is rated for 7,500 watts and has a 13-horsepower engine. The BS1550-W, rated for 5,500 watts carries a 10-horsepower engine, as does the BS1525 5,250-watt generator. Lastly, the DBS1325 generates 3,250 watts off of a 6-horsepower engine. However, this smallish generator has only a 0.75-gallon gas tank.
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