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polaroid goes after gopro with a $99 action camera

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-19
Taylor Swift may think there is a better way to summon 1980 than using her own Polaroid photo as the album cover.
There are 13 retro albums. esque photos.
You can say it\'s time for Polaroid. Again.
This time, the brand resonated with a generation whose parents experienced the first boom in analog instant photography.
Now, the company is trying to keep an interest in the cube, a very small HD action --
For kids who can\'t afford to buy GoPro, the price of the camera is $99, which can be two to four times.
\"GoPro has built a new category in digital imaging and has done a great job,\" said Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy . \".
\"But when we look at the market, we think it could be bigger than just for the professional, amateur and eager-to-stimulate market --
But pursue more ways of life.
\"TheCube is available today for people who are more likely to tie the camera to a fixed handle --
Cycling is better than swimming with sharks. lazy-img-
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Courtesy PolaroidTo designed mini
Polaroid is a hugely attractive gadget whose founder, Robert Bruna, worked at Apple to take charge of the look and feel of Beats headsets and Square mobile payment systems.
The senior designer designed a gadget without professional equipment decoration.
The aluminum body and digital display are missing.
Instead, the cube is a plain black rubber cube with tactile and durability like a pencil eraser.
Rounded corners and impact
Absorb the skin, the cube is to keep-and dropped.
\"You won\'t be afraid to hand it over to a toddler,\" said Gregoire vandenbusche, senior industrial designer at ammunition . \".
\"This is to bear a few drops without any problem.
This is also water. resistant.
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Waterproof housing and suction cups install courtesy Polaroid to cram all the internal organs of the camera into less than 1 package.
Some challenges are facing around 5 inch.
When the designer handed over the plan to the development team, they were told that the battery was not suitable.
The problem temporarily threatens the designer\'s view of the cube until they come up with a solution to use two rechargeable batteries, one on each side.
The configuration also has the added benefit of creating a balance block.
After several nips and tucks, each side of the gadget has reached 35mm
An accidental tribute to the old
School Film Unit
Another hat tip in Polaroid\'s history is rainbow.
The colored band through the middle of the cube, though not every age group recognizes this regression.
\"We have people under the age of 24 who suggest we rip off Instagram,\" Brunner said . \". lazy-img-
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In addition to physical allusions, this cube with the monkey\'s standard polarizers also wants the camera to be as fun and easy to use as the original one, Brunner said --and-shoots.
There\'s a button at the top of the cube-
Take a still image at one time and press the video twice.
A door at the back is screwed down with coins to reveal the memory card, a micro USB port for charging and downloading videos for the device, and a switch to choose between 720 p or 1080 p resolution.
The resolution is comparable to that of GoPro, which also offers an intermediate option of 960 p.
As people expect from cameras that cost half the price, the cube contains fewer features.
No photo explosion or remote control, the cheapest GoPro offers both.
But, in terms of functionality, the cube makes up for its sacrifice in terms of convenience.
The magnet at the bottom is attached to the metal surface without the need for another accessory (
There are many, though, including helmets, bikes, suction and tripod holders).
Besides, the cube is lovely. lazy-img-
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Bumper caseCourtesy polarlaroid is considered a leading innovator under its founder Edwin Lan, but demand has fallen sharply since 1980.
In 2001, ten years after Land\'s death, the company filed for bankruptcy.
Polaroid has been owned by the Gordon Brothers brand and Hilco Consumer Capital since 2009.
It\'s not on R & D-
Working with startups and companies like ammo companies to build hardware around innovations like ZINK (Zero Ink)
The printing technology it uses in instant digital cameras.
Bruna has previously worked with Polaroid and Lady Gaga to provide more visibility to the brand in marketing.
Polaroid hopes that with the cube, it can build on its traditions and growing actions --camera market.
As CEO Hardy said: \"We have been working to help people easily capture and share memorable moments in their lives.
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