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point and shoot camera roundup

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-28
Ricoh CX5 digital camera
Source: Express-
Nicorson and Maureen Shelley zoom in on some of the top items.
1 Canon IXUS 220 HSCanon, Canon $299. com.
Au Rating: 4 stars camera is pocket-
But this Canon shooter is smaller than most.
The weight of IXUS 220HS is only 122g and the thickness is only 2 cm, which is easy to carry with you.
But it\'s not scrawled on features, only 12. 1-
Pixel CMOS sensor, 5 times optical zoom (24-120mm), full high-
HD video recording and low focus
Photography of light.
To achieve this, it has a lens aperture as wide as f2.
ISO rating up to 3200.
Its photos show natural, colorful, fish-
Eye and Micro Photo mode.
2 kodak easyshare sport kodak 3 KODAK, $99, kmart. com.
This cheap camera is filmed underwater.
It can capture 12-
Take photos of millions of pixels 3 m below the waves, this camera is also dust, dirt and sand --resistant.
It has 5x digital zoom, face detection, and 32 mb of internal storage before adding the SD card.
It will also capture the video, though only VGA quality, and comes with a small 2. 4-inch screen.
It\'s easy to share photos with access to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and other built-in social media sites.
Moving photos from the camera to the computer is also simple.
3 Mingji DC P1410BenQ, $179, Mingji. com. au Rating: 3.
If you simply press your button, you should appreciate the new BenQ camera.
It\'s 14-
The megapixel sensor with 7x optical zoom can take great photos from a very slight 130g body.
Built in P1410-
Special effects including toy camera, lomo, color accent and fish
Eye, interesting lens. Its anti-
Shake technology has blurred cutting motion with a width of 28mm
Angle Lens allows you to shoot at close rangeups from 2cm. away.
Ricoh CX5Ricoh, $399, Ricoh camera. com.
Au Rating: 4 stars, this is a pointand-
Camera, which offers many professional features including 10-
Pixel resolution, 10.
7 x optical zoom (28-300mm)
Five frames can be shot per second. It has a back-
Lighting sensor with bright picture, built-in-
In flash, the fast autofocus mechanism and
For the sharp low-light photos.
The CX5 of 197g can record a high point of 720 p
HD video that can be connected to an AV, mini HDMI or USB cable to display the results on the big screen.
Panasonic LUMIX lum150 Panasonic, $799, Panasonic. com. au Rating: 4.
The latest power supply of month StarsPanasonic
Zoom camera provides close range
Ups with 24 x optical zoom, offering the equivalent of 25-600mm range.
The FZ150 also offers an option for electronic viewfinder and swing 3-
Inch screen, dial with photo mode, special video button and hot boots with attached accessories.
The resolution dropped to 12.
1 megapixels can be captured fasterup to 5.
Autofocus is 5 frames per second.
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