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Please Attention If You Want to Buy Samsung Note

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-11
Now a lot of mobile data line use the Micro-USB interface, this brings us a lot of convenience, data and charger can be used interchangeably. I believe that there must be a lot of friends who use Samsung Note II are doing it: 1, Using the old mobile phone data cable and charger to do service for note II; 2, the socket is too far from the seat or bed, but original data cable is too short, so buy a long Micro - USB cable in order to play the cell phone while charging side. Some people say such charging is very slow. Why? Friends who use note ii can look at your original charger, it has a 5 v = 2 a mark (the line under the equal is a dotted line); this means that the charger is 5 v, output current is 2 A. I checked all kinds of chargers in my family, the voltage is 5 v, but output is 0.45 A, 0.6 A, 0.65 A, 0.8 A, 1.0 A until 2 A different model. I tested that, using original 5 v = 2 a charger, remaining power for 18% of the original battery (3100 ma) can be full of in less than 3 hours. And using 0.6 A charger, remaining 58% 2 electricity cannot be full from 11 PM to the next morning 7 o 'clock, the electricity is still less than 70%.Thus it can be seen that the charger output current is smaller. The charging time is more slowly. So, if want to purchase another charger, please pay attention to it, you must buy original or third party Samsung Note ii chargers with 5 v = 2 a. So the charging time is slow probably because you use non 5 v = 2 a chargers. It has no relationship with the note ii data cables. In addition, as a professional third party Samsung chargers and cables supplier, we recommend you that, don't expect use computer USB interface to charge Note ii, charging speed is not fast than mobile phone power consumption. Because the computer USB interface is 5 v = 0.5 A, the theory should be the same.
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