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Pay attention to these three points, mobile phone data line is not so easy to bad

by:ShunXinda      2020-03-26
Plug is used to pull compared with the data line, charging head very little damage. This is why? < / p> many people like to play in the intelligent mobile phone charging smartphones. Smart phones will then move here and there, this will eventually lead to the damage of the cable. Worse, data thread will be removed, let alone a data line crack. < / p> please try to hold data thread when unplug the cable. This will keep the cable more secure. < / p> < / p> cable fell on the floor, < / p> we may wonder the floor without a cat or a dog, why the cable is easy to damage. In fact, this is because we are used to smart phone while charging on the table or the cabinet. The location of the USB port is relatively low. When we are not charging for smart phones, cable, it is easy to slip to the floor. At that time, if the cable is people trample or chairs down. < / p> in general, the quality of the data line when the original cable disconnected, we will choose a more simple way to buy one, rather than the official website. Quality cannot be guaranteed. It can be used once or twice. But in the long run, this could cause harm to your smartphone. < / p> < / p> < / p> < p> < / p>
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