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passing on an iphone

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-08
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Credit: Yutaka TsutanoYou are happy to receive a new phone via purchase or upgrade, but now you have an old iPhone that works fine and is not quite sure what to do with it.
Continue reading and I will explain how to pass it on safely to friends or relatives.
The first thing you have to do to prepare it is to make sure that any data you need to store on your iPhone in the future is backed up.
The data can be stored on the SIM card or on the phone\'s memory.
There are basically three ways to back up your iPhone: iTunes loudsim contactCredit: Use iTunes for blakburris, connect your iPhone to your laptop with the USB cable provided, and wait for it
In my case \"Jack\'s iPhone 4\" it should be labeled as you called it when it was originally installed.
Don\'t worry about this tag for the time being, because the tag will be removed when we sort out the iPhone later.
Click on your iPhone and select the Sync button.
This will store all the information on the device on the laptop.
If you just want to back up your contacts, select the information tab at the top, select sync contacts, and then select the appropriate method to back up your contacts.
When you\'re done, click the sync or apply button.
With iCloud, you will need an iCloud account with very simple settings, but the software version of the iPhone needs to be iOS 5. 1.
On the iPhone, select Settings and select iCloud \".
Select the information you want to back up from here, and most importantly, give the contact in this article, and click OK \".
This will back up all selected items with iCould when the phone turns on Wi-Fi.
I prefer to use the iTunes method for this reason, as I\'m sure the backup has happened, not depending on Wi-
Fi available.
The third option is to go to the store that offers you an upgrade or a new phone and have the assistant back up your SIM card or micro SIM card.
This only backs up the data stored on the Sim, which is a small part of the overall data stored on the phone, and itself is a bad alternative to the other methods shown.
This is the step to clear all the guilty data stored on the iPhone.
You are removing all the data on your phone, from contacts to emails, apps to bookmarks, essentially, from the factory, any changes you make to your phone as a user.
This is the last chance to make sure you have removed anything you may need from your phone and double
Check it out because it didn\'t go back.
Once convinced that there is no data on the phone that will not be stored elsewhere in the future, start wiping the iPhone with the following steps; Settings -> General -> Reset -
> Clear All Content and Settings-
> Clear the iphone keep in mind that this can take a few minutes to several hours. Move it!
This is an interesting part.
Give your freshly scrubbed iPhone to the person you choose and enjoy it!
If you accept this option, make a profit from the second option --
Hand market, before your old iPhone is transferred to a completely unfamiliar person, you need to make sure that your data and information are safe.
Selling it is a job worth doing. There is a big market for even damaged Apple products, but be sure to look into the market for your brand and model to make sure you have your old iPhone.
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