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pamu scroll review: wireless earbuds with a unique charge case

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-29
PadMate is a brand you may not have heard.
Of course I didn\'t-
But the company has been there since 20 years.
It crossed my radar at a very high speed.
Crowdfunding for wireless earplugs.
The first version (
X13 is now specified)
More than $10,000 in fund-raising activities exceeded $928,000.
The subsequent Papu reels have raised more than $3 million and are now in production.
These earbuds are obviously very popular.
The company sent me the review unit to test, so I started to find out if crowdfunding was reasonable.
Good case for charge. . .
The function of the same name of the rolling wireless earbuds is the charging box.
This is a cylinder with a leather flap (
My review unit is done with an attractive graphene pattern).
This box is easy to open
Different from too many smooth plastic charging boxes
It has magnets inside and guides the buds into their charging position.
The charging box has enough power to charge twice, so your total time is about 10 before you find the power outlet. 5 hours.
The blue LED housing battery power indicator is activated when the bud is docked, but when the bud is not in the housing, there is a mo button to see the charge.
One end has a micro USB port for charging and an optional wireless charging receiver ($10)
Qi wireless charging plug.
Unfortunately, wireless charging doesn\'t work for me. . .
I only have a Qi charging board and it fits perfectly with my iPhone and the Android smartphone I \'ve tried, but I can\'t get the reels to charge on it.
Maybe there is a compatibility issue with the charging board or the charging receiver is defective.
One of the features of these buds is touch control.
This is a good thing because pressing the button on the earbuds is a pain --
Sometimes, if you do this, it will force the Bud to go deeper into your ears.
It can also cause the buds to come out.
Unfortunately, I found the touch interface a bit unreliable.
Sometimes I have to touch a Bud repeatedly in order to register.
Other times it will take action with my fingers one inch away.
It\'s really frustrating when I pause the music, and then when my hand leaves my ear, it starts automatically again sometimes.
Typically, double-clicking jumps to the next track and plays, but occasionally skips, and then pauses the music.
Soon I started using the iPhone again to control the music.
Performance offers some upgrades through the company\'s original wireless earbuds, including: Bluetooth 5, Pam u roll earbuds.
0, small size, enhanced bass and improved water resistance (IPX 6)
Optional wireless charging of charging box (
More information about this).
The rolling wireless earbuds are lightweight and compact. At 0.
17 ounces, lighter than many competing buds.
However, it is difficult for me to find a suitable one that is comfortable or safe.
Three sizes of ear tips are included, but none of them worked particularly well for me.
I have a lot of problems with earbuds, but I can only bear to wear them for a few minutes at a time, and they often fall off before that.
Audio performance is affected due to fit.
The bass is a little better than the original Pam wireless bud can pull out --
Pam says they have deep bass\"
But they are still lacking at the low end without good sealing.
Others may find that they are more suitable for themselves and have better results, but I can only say that in my experience.
Otherwise, the audio is pleasant enough, clear and loud. At 3. 5 hours (
It will depend on the sound you play the music)
The rolling battery life is at the low end of the wireless earbuds spectrum.
These buds also support voice calls and Siri.
How about X13s?
Original Palmer Wireless earplugs (X13)
Take a very different approach from the newer PA Wood reel buds.
The charging case is pop-up lid.
More importantly, the bud design includes a flexible integrated ear fin.
The buds themselves are slightly larger and heavier, but I find them much more comfortable to wear than the reel buds.
They are also safer.
In terms of audio performance, I found these sounds clear and clear but still lacking in bass.
At the time of publication, their price was $79.
Like reels, these reels offer up to 3.
5 hours of game time.
A total of 3 full charges were charged for the case, for a total of 14 hours of game time.
They offer the same car.
It has the same pairing function as the reel earbuds and has IPX5 waterproof performance.
They also provide touch control, but like a reel, I find that this feature may not be important.
On Indiegogo, the PA mu reel wireless earbuds currently cost $79, but retail for $149.
$79, you might want to have a look.
Charging cases are definitely a fashion alternative to the usual approach.
However, I would not recommend them at the full retail price --
There are too many options at this price point, they provide better battery life, more fitness customization options and excellent audio performance.
I will choose the original if you like the method of Papu but worry about comfort and firmness (X13)
On reel earplugs
Disclosure: PadMate provides earplugs for the assessment but does not provide any input to this review.
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