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P790 Projector Phone- Do You Want to Know?

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-13
A considerable number of cell phone users now seem to prefer P790. The common standpoint is that why buy this model of mobiles. What is the golden point? There are many low priced Chinese handsets can offer the multi-features and functions. However, people who seem to show concerns about this P790 superior projector with TV WIFI JAVA and other functions. The biggest concern is whether this P790 with cool projector function? Though online sources are replete with cell phone bursting incidents accounts, most cell phone users are quite satisfied with the performance of P790 which have the cool project application. The users can use this application to appreciate wonderful movies full of cinema effect anytime anywhere. Purchasing P790 projector phone is just like purchasing an IPOD because of it Support MP3 background play. Apart from their original calling and messages functions, these P790 offer the 1MP high definition dual camera with flash that you can have self pictures taking. It is a dual SIM card capable cell phone, which can manage two SIM cards at a time. It will be very convenient for travelling, the Quad band supporting the 4 major international GSM frequencies( GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz).Languages available are English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish, Persian, Greek, Indonesia, Portuguese, Thai, Malay, Polish. One can easily be used anywhere in the world. You can share photos, videos and MP3 music with your friends with the 3.2 inch touch screen. Other multimedia for P790 are Video player, Video recorder, Sound recorder, FM radio, Calculator, Calendar, Alarm, Unit/Currency converter, Stopwatch, To do list, World clock, E-book reader, Bluetooth, Video editor, Photo editor, Projector, and many more. Other accessories of P790 is also available; pair of earphones, rechargeable battery, P790 battery charger, USB cable cord and a manual for user's guide in using P790. There is replete with sources offering handsets of all make and models. However, keep in mind that all these stores don't have real quality stuff to offer and you need to do some research before picking some online source to buy from china.
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