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our favorite roku stick and fire tv stick accessory gives you cord-free streaming for $6

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-30
The best thing about streaming stuff like Roku streaming sticks and Amazon\'s Fire TV sticks is that they give you access to all your favorite content in a compact, affordable package.
What they hate is that there is an unruly power cord on the TV, so it can be plugged into the wall.
Get rid of the power cord now and pick up the Roku mini USB cable or the fire stick wireless cable.
They plug in any USB port on the back of the TV to power so you don\'t have to plug anything into the wall.
It is worth noting that the cheaper model of Roku may also be used with your Fire TV stick, but the angle of the plug is wrong, so you may not be able to reach the USB port.
It depends on the model of your TV.
The Roku mini USB cable is designed to power your Roku streaming StickRoku mini USB cable, designed to power your Roku Streaming Stick: $5. 99Fire-
Wireless Cable for Amazon Fire TV StickFire
Wireless Cable for Amazon Fire TV Stick: $9.
99 trend now: See the original version of this article on BGR.
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