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Only their feet on the ground, can make to have a quality of the data line

by:ShunXinda      2020-04-06
Why is it that some manufacturers can make a few hair a cable? Price is far lower than the industry, that they can make money? I can do that, but, as the manufacturer should be a workshop mode, so dozens of people, materials, with the worst, it's no use to make the goods inspection ( Provincial labor costs) Direct shipment. So it is can buy a few cents a, but these things can let customers safely? According to statistics, such goods ten thousand cable, at least 10% of the poor, so the data line while the price is very low, but the quality is no guarantee. < / p> < / p> suitable cinda why few MAO cable for sale? Because it only do with the data line of quality, I also believe that the quality of good things, just have repeat business, shun cinda investment in examines the personnel, material ratio is about 30% or so, in the aspect of quality investment is quite big, so the situation of the customer complaint is quite little, happen to get consistent high praise. < / p> suitable cinda hooking the down-to-earth, over time, in this regard, we as cable factory 13 years old brand, also has shortcomings, but still need to keep, and focus on research and development, marketing, production of each link, do quality first, reputation first, at the same time realize the science and technology, management modernization, information digitization of enterprise. < / p> shenzhen shun cinda technology co. , LTD is a professional development, design, manufacturing, selling USB cable, Type C cable, charger, etc. , has a complete and scientific quality management system, passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; The national hotline: ( + 86). 0755 29923073, you can also click on online consulting advisory details: < / p> < / p>
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