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Nuance PowerMic II Review

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-13
If you want to get the most out of your voice-to-text software, then you'll need to invest in a good microphone. Fortunately, the same company that makes the popular 'Dragon' line of dictation software also makes the PowerMic II, a powerful handheld USB microphone that is designed specifically for use with Dragon Medical 10. So what makes the Nuance PowerMic II so useful? Well, it integrates completely with Dragon software while giving users full control over the documents they're editing. The handheld USB microphone features a number of comfortable buttons that allow users to dictate, edit, review, and navigate through their work. Here are a few other features that make the Nuance PowerMic II such a popular tool for doctors around the world: -Incredible accuracy: No matter how good your voice-to-text software is, your investment will be worthless if you don't pair it with a good microphone. The Nuance PowerMic II is the most accurate microphone for the medical community, it's as simple as that. If you're frustrated with inferior microphones recording voice incorrectly, then the PowerMic II can alleviate those frustrations. -Jump through medical note templates: For doctors taking notes on templates, the buttons on the side of the PowerMic II will serve a useful function. Each button allows doctors to jump through a certain template, making navigation as easy as possible. Instead of moving over to the computer and switching to a new template section manually, the PowerMic II makes navigation simple. -Programmable buttons: All the buttons on the microphone have built-in functions, although these functions can easily be changed. You can program a button to open a certain program on your PC, for example, or perform any other task you need. -Lengthy cord: The 8 foot length of the Nuance PowerMic II cord gives the doctor an extended range. Whether pacing around the room or browsing through a nearby filing cabinet, the PowerMic has more than enough cord to suit the needs of any doctor. -USB connectivity: Installing the Nuance PowerMic II couldn't be easier. Since the microphone fully integrates with Dragon Medical software, no additional software installation is required. Just plug the USB cord into a PC and begin speaking. It's that easy. It will also work on any computer with a USB port - provided that Dragon software is installed on that PC. The $400+ price tag for the Nuance PowerMic II might seem steep, but it's a fair price for a top-quality microphone. If you want to minimize background noise while maximizing the effectiveness of Dragon Medical voice-to-text software, then the Nuance PowerMic II can help. With premium-quality voice recognition and a number of useful features, the PowerMic II is a worthy investment for any medical practice.
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