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nokia play 360°: time to unplug

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-09
Although the Nokia Play 360 was first presented to reviewers a few months ago, it was only recently made its debut in the market.
The NFC speaker was originally launched to complement the NFC feature of the Lumia, reappearing with Nokia\'s recently launched Symbian Belle device.
I used the Nokia 700 to test the speakers, which is part of the company\'s Belle entourage.
360 is a simple play, no.
Tourist speaker.
The weight is only 514G, very light and can be easily put into most handbags.
The speakers are equipped with aluminum housing and are available in three colors: black, gray and blue.
Rear sports a 3.
5mm jack with micro USB port (for charging)
And a power button.
There are two chrome-plated volume buttons at the top of the front and a Bluetooth key and a battery status indicator at the bottom.
At the top, you will notice the subtle relief where the NFC tag is located.
It is very easy to pair speakers via NFC.
If you use right and wrong
NFC devices play music and you can pair it over Bluetooth
Press the Bluetooth key to activate the pairing.
Once the device is paired, the Bluetooth button will emit a cool blue color indicating that your device is connected.
The biggest advantage of the show 360 is that it has a rechargeable Li-
Ion batteries for up to 21 hours of play time are provided.
There is also a power saving mode where the speakers become inactive after an hour of idle.
The speakers are equipped with 2. 5-
Inch unparalleled full range drive with a maximum output of 75 dB.
You can only get mono sound if you use a single speaker, although Nokia calls it \"omni-
Directional sound.
You can also connect a second speaker for stereo.
If you pair a dual speaker with an NFC or Bluetooth device, the effect switches to stereo immediately.
The volume output is very large in a quiet room, but I really won\'t use it for parties.
Still, stereo will create a more impressive effect.
To test the bass, I played \"imma be\" with Black Eyed Peas and found that the bass level was very low.
When I hear heavy sounds like cool \"green eyes\" the sound is clear.
There is no big distortion when I raise the volume to Max.
On HTC Rhyme, I was able to transfer music over Bluetooth while multitasking, but I can\'t do this on Nokia 700, so I guess it\'s different on different devices.
Overall, Play 360 is a very handy device if you are looking for portable sound.
An addition of 3.
The 5mm audio jack is also very flexible.
The sound is average and pretty good, but it\'s not a replacement for your audio system either.
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