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nokia n8 - providing high levels of functionality and performance

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-16
Nokia recently released an exciting new smartphone called the Nokia n8.
This includes some specs that will definitely impress those who want to get their first smartphone, as well as experienced smartphone veterans.
TheNokia N8 is an ideal replacement for mainstream smartphones with touch screen navigation, Wi-
Internet access and amazing 12 pixel digital camera.
Measuring 113. 5x 59. 1x 12.
9mm, the Nokia N8 is a 135g computer device that makes it more convenient for mobile phones to use on the go.
Thanks to AMOLED capacitive touch screen technology, the Nokia N8 is perfect for viewing photos and videos on 3.
A 5 inch screen with a 360x640 pixel configuration can display up to 16 M colors.
The screen also features acceleration sensors and gorilla scratch-proof glass to protect the screen from scratches and cracks.
Nokia n8 provides 16 gb of internal storage out of the box.
This makes it possible for users to store large amounts of data and files such as music tracks and videos.
For further storage, just install the memory card (up to 32 GB).
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