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noise play 2 action camera review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-01
Noise, an Indian manufacturer of wearable devices and accessories, has launched a new action camera called Noise Play 2 on the market.
We tested the company\'s first action camera back in September, and the first attempt was OK, but the interesting thing is the price. At roughly Rs.
5,000, you have an action camera that can also shoot 4 k videos with basic accessories. The second-
In addition to some features, a generation of models have larger batteries, touch screens, better build quality and original image support.
These improvements have also led to higher prices, almost twice as much as the first version, but still far less than the GoPro\'s most affordable product.
We have been using it for a few weeks. here\'s what we think of it. . embed-container {
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Noise Game 2 is much smaller than its predecessor, mainly because you don\'t have any accessories.
There are only charging cables, instructions, warranty cards and batteries in the box.
These accessories are sold separately and you can choose from a variety of combinations on the noise site.
We also received the noise \"accessory box\" for the sale of Rs \".
2,500, including various additional functions
In a compact housing such as a bicycle stand, adhesive stand, tripod stand and a waterproof housing.
Compared to its predecessor, the build quality of Play 2 has improved.
The body is still made of plastic, but the finish and quality are much better.
The plastic is also harder, so it does not bend when pressed.
Sadly, the port still doesn\'t have any protection, so you have to be careful when using this device without a waterproof housing.
We don\'t expect an IP-
The case calculated at this price is rated, but at least one simple rubber flap is good.
MicroSD card is supported by Play 2 (up to UHS-1 class)of up to 128GB.
There is also a micro
HDMI ports and proprietary data ports that the company calls mini
USB but not compatible with standard MiniUSB cables.
Considering that almost every company now uses standard Micro-
USB or newer USB Type-C.
The camera now has only two buttons due to the latter 2-2
Touch input is supported.
The downside to this is that you can\'t interact with the menu when the camera is inside the shell.
The keys have a good tactile response.
There is a tripod bracket at the bottom, which we like.
You will get three red LEDs that are placed around the camera, but the LEDs above the display are not very bright and are hard to see during the day.
Noise Game 2 has 16-
Megapixel sensor with f/2. 8 wide aperture-angle lens.
There is a removable 1200 battery, slightly larger than the one previously provided.
The noise game is not waterproof, so you will need to use the optional housing for you to take it to the depths of 30 m.
It supports 4 k video recording in NTSC mode at speeds up to 30 fps.
There is also a burst, WDR (
Wide Dynamic Range)
For video, slow motion, and the ability to manually set various exposure parameters such as clarity, white balance, metering, color, contrast, etc.
Drama 2 has-built Wi-
Fi, which allows you to sync it with a companion app currently only for Android.
However, when Wi-
The Fi is on and you can\'t record a video or interact with any menu like GoPros.
The Android app is not the most beautiful in design, but it is powerful and allows you to view the recorded footage, change the settings, and operate noise 2 remotely.
The menu system is now easier to navigate thanks to the touch screen.
Swipe down to switch on for Wi-
Fi, display lock, exposure lock, stability and power supply.
You can switch video and photo modes by swiping right to left on the viewfinder.
The touch response is good in most cases, but we do have some intermittent glitches when it refuses to register the input correctly.
The touch screen can easily attract fingerprints and wash in the sun.
Video quality improved slightly compared to previous models.
The metering is still a bit hit-or-
Miss, when shooting during the day, the bright sky continues to look overexposed.
The correct exposure of the object color is very good.
The frame rate is stable at 1080 p 60fps and the lens looks very good.
We found stability to be effective.
However, the 4 k shot video looks granular, and stability will introduce some \"shimmer\" anomalies in the lens.
One of the main reasons for low poverty
The light performance is the lens, and its f/2 is much narrower.
The aperture is 8 compared to f/2.
2 aperture of previous version.
If there is enough natural light around, the level of detail is good.
You can play all kinds of resolutions from 4 k to qhd, fullHD and evenVGA.
Noise Play 2 can shoot 120fps videos at 720 p.
If you want a higher 640 fps frame rate then you need to reduce the resolution to 480 x. Click to view full-
Additional video modes include scaling;
Loop, which allows you to use the camera as a dashboard-
Your car camera;
Select different intervals;
And bike mode, which just makes stability.
There is a \"motion detection\" switch that automatically starts recording when motion is detected, which can be convenient for monitoring.
The camera is not very good at taking static photos.
In the test photos we took, even during the day, we noticed a lot of barrel distortion, particle details and soft colors.
You can change the resolution and aspect ratio, but you can\'t adjust the view.
Burst mode allows you to take 10 images per second, which is not bad.
You can even play around with the shutter speed to get better lowlight shots.
When it comes to low light, noise 2 defaults to a slower shutter to try to capture better details, so it takes a second or two before each photo is actually saved.
Still, the end result looks noisy and the dynamic range is not very good. . embed-container {
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Play 2 is a little bit hot, especially when used with a waterproof case.
The 1200 mAh battery lasted 1 hour and 51 minutes when shooting 4 k video, which is good.
When using high power, it takes about two hours for the battery to fully charge
Wattage power adapter.
Verdictnoise Play 2 has improved in some areas such as building quality and battery life over its predecessor.
It also comes with a touch screen and has solved some of the video quality issues of previous versions.
However, it also needs to take a few steps back.
Narrow aperture is of little use when light is insufficient.
Decided to use a proprietary USB port instead of a micro USB port
USB even typing-
C is weird, which means you need to be very careful about the cable that comes with it.
Nor are we big fans of exposing ports and slots.
In addition to this, the bundle is now very sparse.
Still, the price of Noise Play 2 is much lower than the touchscreen ro with the most affordable touch screen, the new GoPro Hero.
If you want an action camera for temporary use, Noise Play II offers a lot of features. Price (MRP): Rs.
9,999 ProsConsRatings (Out of 5)
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