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no, it is not okay for smartphones to ditch the 3.5mm headphone socket

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-28
I like to think of myself as a headset enthusiast and enthusiast, carrying a lot of headphones with me, including four sets in my backpack.
I \'ve reviewed dozens of headphones over the years, and most of them have one thing in common --
They follow 3 that is actually universal.
5mm connector standard, has become so extensive and perfect over the years
People know that it will attract people\'s attention without it on smartphones.
However, the big news this week is that LeEco Le 2, Le 2 Pro and Le Max 2 chose to abandon this generic standard and instead transfer audio via USB type
Change to C connector and port.
JBL has announced the reflection Aware C, one of the first headphones to use this new type of headset
C format for audio transmission.
Other manufacturers are expected to follow suit.
How can we forget about Apple? Apple is rumored to have abandoned Apple 3.
5mm socket on IPhone 7.
It should be noted that this is not the first time we have seen a modern Android smartphone give up the audio socket. The Oppo R5 (Review)
It was the first to do so, but the company said in order to achieve its 4.
A thickness of 85mm and provides a 3. 5mm-to-Micro-
The USB adapter in the box serves as some form of compensation.
Of course, this is not an ideal solution because you have to remember to carry the adapter and headphones with you.
Soon came Vivo x5 max (Review)
This is not only thinner than Oppo 5, but also successfully integrated 3. 5mm socket.
This leads us to the conclusion that Oppo is either making things up or just being too lazy to try to integrate the socket and that anyone who claims to do so for design reasons is not trustworthy.
All of this means that you either have to rely on headphones with the following types
C or lightning connector, or switch to a standard wireless headset using Bluetooth or Wi-
Fi for transmitting audio.
This is, I think, an annoying trend that needs to be stopped immediately.
You\'re asking because you\'re starting over.
You have no reason to limit your choice at all.
Because, buy a mobile phone without 3.
5mm socket, you will immediately disqualify the vast majority of headphone options and be forced to accept a small number of options.
Last but not least, you are taking away the ability to listen to headphones while charging your phone, which is more irritating than choosing between a second SIM card and scalable storage.
There are some advantages to the type of use-
C or lightning connector as audio transmission mode.
The biggest problem is that the headset can get energy directly from your smartphone, which means you don\'t need to charge your active noise
Cancel or self
Zoom in on headphones.
Similarly, the headset will be able to get more energy than through 3.
5mm connector which means you may use more power
Hungry Headphones (
Such as plane magnetic and static electricity)
There is no amplifier in the middle of your smartphone.
For these reasons, I have no objection to using these new options as audio transfer mode.
I just said there is no need to rule out these 3.
5mm socket and force user to use Type-C or Lightning.
It is possible for both to be in place, thus giving the user the freedom to choose, rather than forcing them to choose any one option. Other type-
Smartphones such as HTC 10 and Xiaomi Mi 5 (Review)
Both products are available, and the new LeEco series can do this fairly easily.
While there are some technical reasons to consider the shift from 3.
5mm. it is difficult to justify the sudden abandonment of a tested and successful form of technology, especially since there is a huge ecosystem of available equipment.
Headphones that make switches are only for specific devices, and these devices are only for small-scale headphones.
Although large manufacturers are undoubtedly able to offer multiple SKUs, including SKUs that support USB types
C audio, smaller manufacturers may face difficulties in doing so.
In the short or long term, this is not good for users.
So do yourself a favor and don\'t buy a smartphone that takes away your options.
Don\'t go after something so basic and universal for meaningless reasons.
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