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nexus 6 review long term: a big, brilliant mistake

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-13
This is a strange month.
I have been using Nexus 6 for five weeks (
I received it before it was released)
It surprised, frustrated, surprised and angry me during that time.
Sometimes I feel like I\'m experiencing the future of my smartphone, in the rest of me who adopt anti-Christ.
That\'s why: design and durability-quite a big issue could have started with the build of the Nexus 6 as it could be the biggest source of my positive and negative feelings.
Good thing: First of all, Motorola did a fantastic job on the Nexus 6 bezel.
They are thinner than those on the LG G3 and it can make 6-
5 bigger mobile phone than competitors. 5-
IPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and other inch phones.
Nexus is also one of the most powerful phones I have ever used.
Its inspiration, the remarkable 2014 Moto X is a powerful starting point, and the metal band on the edge means that there is no elasticity in the phone.
Dropped a few times (more next)
It can also stand the beating of any phone I have tested.
In addition, Motorola has mastered the curvature needed for a huge phone, easily the biggest failure of the iPhone 6 plus, and it is also very good at hand. Read more -
IPhone 6 Plus Vs Nexus 6 review: Awesome tablet against bad stuff: so big.
Every year, I think the phone has become too big. every year, the manufacturers convince me that I should be big.
This time no, has crossed the threshold.
Motorola may have done a good job with the bezel, but the Nexus 6 is still too big.
It\'s not a height issue, it\'s a width and depth issue.
Nexus 6 is a lot thicker, 0.
5 cm wider than Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus (
Illustrated below)
Combination is crucial: you can\'t simply bypass the phone with your hands and get to the other side of the screen.
So it\'s one thing to not be able to get to the top right corner, but not being able to get to the \"q\" on the keyboard and the back button soft key or \"p\" in my right hand, the multitasking button in my left hand is too far away.
The result is, frankly, Palm gymnastics is ridiculous.
I have quite a large hand, but when I use an umbrella on the train, pull my suitcase, carry my shopping bag, and even hold the railroad, the phone is barely available.
Swiftkey provides a reduced keyboard, but it cannot fix the soft keys that cannot be accessed.
Need a place for UI evolution to address availability on iOS and Android (
More elegant than Apple\'s accessibility), but no-
One has come up with it.
But 5. 5-
IPhone 6 Plus and 5 inch. 7-
Inch Galaxy Note 4 can be used almost in one hand. The Nexus 6 is not even suitable for the most basic tasks, which will be more inconvenient than you think. Read more -
The PhabletOwners have to adapt to these 5 big changes, and what\'s worse is the uneven weight distribution of the Nexus 6.
The top of it is thicker than the bottom, which makes the top of it heavy, plus the necessary Palm gymnastics, trying to get to the different parts of the screen, I have dropped many times.
What\'s more, the last thing this huge phone needs is a larger case.
One of the simplest solutions is ignored.
The Moto X is a bunch of finishes, \"soft touch\" by default, which has a rough texture finish, but Motorola has given up on that, A smooth plastic back for Nexus 6, both on the back
Not iPhone 6 Plus though.
And extract fingerprints.
Nexus 6 is too big for my money however, even if you are determined to be big, there are some simple changes that have been missed, which may make it a better phone, you can use either one hand or two. Read more -
IPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6 screen-
Great, but better elsewhere, there is nothing to add in my original review.
The Nexus 6 has one of the best screens in smartphone history.
The AMOLED panel is sharp and has good color accuracy (
It\'s not as saturated as Moto X)
Good perspective.
But it\'s not the best I \'ve ever used.
LG G3, Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus all have advantages in my opinion.
G3 has the clearest panel I \'ve ever used, the Note 4 is the most vivid and accurate, the iPhone 6 Plus is brighter and not shown in a lower number of pixels.
That said, I can\'t see a lot of the owners of Nexus 6 except happy.
Features of Phablet-
Absolutely nothing is totally unacceptable, maybe what makes me most confused about the existence of the Nexus 6 (
Compared to the improved Nexus 5)is Android 5. 0 Lollipop.
It\'s the best mobile OS for me at the moment, but it doesn\'t have a tablet
Specific functions. Zero. Nothing.
If you\'re going to release the biggest Nexus ever, you\'ll think this should be fixed.
Maybe, but now all the owners of Nexus 6 get an extra row of horizontal and vertical icons on their home site. This is handy (
Many people think the default Google launcher icon is too large)
The 5x5 array provides space for almost everything you need and one or two widgets on one screen.
Google still needs to do something to support its hardware intent on software.
IOS 8 see iPhone 6 Plus handle core apps like email and stock in different ways
Esque layout and Android 5.
0 Lollipop also needs to be done.
Now it seems that Android developers don\'t even have an API that can be used to make phablet-
It\'s just tablets and phones. Read more -Android 5.
0 Lollipop vs iOS 8 Comments: The difference in material brings a bigger problem: Google may have built the Nexus 6 to inspire the development of Android tablets, but what exactly is it?
If the hardware partner is inspired, but then forced to follow Samsung\'s extensive custom work on the Note 4 to make up for the gap without the phablet feature, then it will only produce more pieces
What Google hates
Google hopes the Nexus 6 will inspire people to see how Android meets tablet demand, which needs to be the company\'s top priority for 2015.
Performance-bugs and encryption impact enhancement performance is another example of how Nexus 6 fires and irritates.
Its core is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset-amazing speed
The current flagship of Android phones --
Run a benchmark or play a game, it\'s like a path.
There will be no problem with this phone for at least a few years.
Besides basic navigation.
Yes, the Nexus 6 can plow through the cutting edge 3D shooting game, but it can scroll in the app drawer, change the browser tab, or switch between programs.
It can also lag heavily in the camera (more lately)
Even with basic keyboard input, this happens occasionally. Read more -
The best and worst of Android 5. 0 LollipopWhy?
This is a code problem.
Since the Snapdragon 800 upgrade to Android 5, similar issues have affected the Nexus 5 that was once butter-smooth.
0 Lollipop and Moto X running are basically stock Android 4 without such a problem.
KitKat on Snapdragon 801.
Google obviously needs to solve some problems.
The good news is that the first wave of Android 5 is coming. 0.
Google is rolling out updates as we speak.
The second problem is encryption.
Lollipop encrypts the device by default, but while this is optional on upgraded devices, it is mandatory on Nexus 6 and the impact of encryption is huge.
Anandtech\'s extensive testing found that performance was affected between 50 and 80%, meaning that the Nexus 6 would not start the app or respond to input as quickly as it should.
Such an effect is like a greater courage.
The Nexus 6 is running slowly, but will continue to run later.
Google needs to solve this problem again.
By improving the efficiency of encryption or making it optional-and fast.
Camera-among the most popular phones you will find a lot of people saying that the Nexus 6 has a better smartphone camera, but after five weeks of using the phone, I found that it underestimated it
The Nexus 6 camera is one of the best.
I just came back from a short holiday in Iceland and I found it performing amazing in a range of light conditions.
It has anything I can see from the Galaxy Note 4 or the iPhone 6 Plus --
The current industry leader. Read more -
However, the iPhone 6\'s biggest smartphone for Galaxy Note 4: 2014 is Google\'s camera app, which doesn\'t do any good for the Nexus 6.
The company\'s clever HDR model is a good addition, but the viewfinder is unstable (
Could be a bug with lollipops)
There is also a lack of user choice.
Nevertheless, the final result is still first class.
The 4 k results for the video are very detailed, as are the same, although the default Google Camera app needs to provide slow motion mode to compete with iOS.
Since the iphone can only play 1080 p videos at the moment, it is strange that Google has not taken full advantage of this obvious advantage. Audio -
Just like the camera has acted like a champion in the past month, so has the Nexus 6 Audio
During calls and use of external speakers.
The latter deserves special praise.
The front stereo speakers provide some of the loudest and clearest audio I \'ve ever experienced on my smartphone, and they are perfect for podcasts, speaker calls and listening to radios.
Also, the 6 inch gap of the screen means that you can actually pick up the stereo separation when off (
Like watching YouTube videos)
The first one worth noting
In fact, in general, only HTC\'s BoomSound speakers are close (
The bass is slightly better but the volume is small)
Apple and Samsung are far behind.
The profile they raised also protects the screen.
That is to say, there is another problem that needs to be solved.
Switch the call to the Speaker and the volume does not adjust automatically until one of the volume buttons is manually pressed.
I\'m sure Google will fix this but it\'s irritating.
Battery life and charging-
The ever-inconsistent Nexus 6 should be the moment Google has finally overcome battery life defects that have affected Nexus phones in the last few years. It hasn’t.
Although the Nexus 6 is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 3220, its battery life is completely unstable.
I have been using it for two days and use it relatively much.
I killed it with a light before two o\'clock P. M.
I \'ve seen it stay charged very well while playing 4 k YouTube videos and crashes when it\'s in standby.
In the end, the only thing the Nexus 6 can be sure of is uncertainty. Read more -
The IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reviews are very frustrating as the Nexus 6 has also launched Google\'s new dedicated battery energy-saving technology \"voltaproject\", but so far both phones
I never knew what I would get from my phone in a day, although the new battery protection mode works fine (
10% can last for half a day)
It cuts a lot in the performance and functionality of the phone (
Almost all background tasks are dead)
It\'s actually useless.
Interestingly, this seems to come down to Android 5 again.
0 lollipops because the Galaxy Note 4 also has a 3220 battery but runs Android 4.
The duration is quite long.
More development is needed here.
I am more active with \"fast charge 2.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset has a built-in 0\' charging function.
Combined with fast charging 2.
0 compatible Micro USB charger (
Provided in the box)
You can get 20% for 15 minutes.
Google said it was enough to use for 8 hours, but I found the Nexus 6 too unstable to give a number on the service that 20% will provide.
There are two precautions for fast charging. 0: 1.
It only works for the first 20-
Charge 30%, slow down after 2.
You can\'t use the phone on time, otherwise it will be much slower.
Still Fast Charging 2.
0 is well worth having and should be on all Snapdragon 805 and 810 phones next year. Read more -
Long term reviews for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Value for money-
If the size of the Nexus 6 has caused the biggest controversy, it is a different way of bargaining, and its asking price is not far away.
While Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are cheap high-end phones, the price of the Nexus 6 is much closer than that of competitors.
Personally, I have no problem with this.
Nexus 6 on paper can compete
On the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4, it\'s still more than $150 cheaper than both.
This is a very reasonable price mobile phone.
Then I saw the other side.
The Nexus 6 is no longer a nearly impulsive device, and it is still likely that you will need to buy it on a two-year contract.
I totally sympathize with those who are calling again for the Nexus 5 update around $350 --400 bracket.
Until Android 5.
0 Lollipop ambition caught up with the shape of the Nexus 6 and I also suggested that Google should do so first. Read more -
Nexus 6 vs Nexus 5: controversial upgrade bottom line
The Nexus 6 is a wrong phone, the wrong time.
This is the wrong phone for Android error time, my experience with it has been declining since my initial review, as more and more bugs have surfaced, and the phablet limit for lollipops has become more and more obvious
The logical move is the upgraded Nexus 5, which is also cheap, and the tablet comes when the lollipop matures to make the most of it.
Still, I think the Nexus 6 is a bug that won\'t make it a bad phone.
On paper, it is one of the best-priced phones with first-class camera, speaker and manufacturing quality.
In addition, failures in performance and battery life should be addressed through Android firmware updates, which Google has launched. 0. 1.
In my initial Nexus 6 review, I said it went above and beyond the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4.
Now I\'m not quite sure that Android is facing a competition with iOS and is maturing due to the phablet form factor.
There is no doubt that the Nexus 6 will be a better phone in 12 months, but I also think that this should be the first time the Nexus tablet is released.
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