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New Sport Armband Case For iPhone 4/iPhone 4S

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-14
This lightweight and comfortable armband is designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S and many other smartphones some of which are listed below. It really is the ultimate sports armband providing unmatched comfort, convenience and protection while you run, workout or listen on the way. New Sport Armband Case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S New Sport Armband Case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S The low profile, neoprene armband is stable and secure, so it will not bounce. It maximizes comfort with a design that helps keep the back of the case laying flat against your arm so it is not lumpy. Your arm actually pushes the device into the case which is way more comfortable then the case pushing the device into your arm. To provide as much protection as possible during your workout rigors, the top entrance is covered while openings in the bottom provide vital access points. Other features include: a versatile design that holds most devices right side up, or upside down to read the screen easier when viewed on the arm; a clear, protective window cover with full navigational control; and a flap to securely store and manage the earphone cord. On longer runs, I do get some sweat leaking through the back of the case. Personally I find it unfortunate rather than a serious detriment since it's never too bad in my case ... but it may be an issue for your use cases. I spent time both online and in stores trying to find an armband for an iPhone 4S, so I could take it running and make use of the maps and stopwatch when in an unfamiliar city. After reading many reviews, most said it wouldn't stay in place while running or allowed too much sweat to seep through to the device inside. At first I was concerned that this product was for iPhone 4S or iPhone 4GS. But the fit is snug and it stayed firmly on my upper arm without sliding for two of my weekly (longer) runs. It works well This case is comfortable and you can use the touch screen just fine through the thin plastic cover. Fits for iPhone 4S/4GS perfectly and you can use the headphone jack on top just fine. I love this case for when I go walking/running using the CardioTrainer app! Definitly would recommend this case to anyone looking for a sports case for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4G.. Here is the link of this product'http://www.trait-tech.com/product/T-iP4G-7201C__new-sport-armband-case-for-iphone-4-iphone-4s-hot-pink.html' Lena from trait-tech.com
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