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new reversible usb plug promises end to cable confusion

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-05
The technology alliance in charge of the USB standard announced that the development of the next generation of USB plugs has begun.
The announcement pleased tech enthusiasts around the world for a simple reason: the new \"type-
C The plug is available, which means that the user no longer needs to fiddle with the USB cable to find the right direction to insert the cable.
The bad news is that the new standard Brigadier is not compatible with any current USB ports including micro USB.
In contrast, indesign will be closer to Apple\'s reversible Lightning connector, which is thinner in shape and helps achieve a thinner, more stylish product design.
In a press release, Intel\'s Alex Peleg welcomes the new standard as it \"will make it from mobile to tablet to 2-in-
1 s, laptops to desktops and many other more specific devices to use.
\"New industry standards --
\"Providing data, power and video based on thin connectors is the only connector needed in all devices,\" Peleg said . \".
Brad Sanders, chairman of the USB promotion group, said, \"the new-
The C connector will fit well in the direction of the market and provide an opportunity to lay the foundation for a future version of USB.
\"The new plug-in is scheduled for industry review next year and the final specification will be released in 2014.
After that, manufacturers will be able to incorporate new standards into their designs.
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