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new laser system can remotely charge your smartphone

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-23
Scientists, including Indian-born scientists, have developed a laser transmitter that can safely charge a smartphone in a room like a standard USB cable.
Researchers installed a thin power battery on the back of the smartphone that uses the power of the laser to charge the smartphone. They custom-
Security features of design
Including metal, flat
The flat radiator on the smartphone can dissipate heat from the laser as well as the reflector-
If one tries to move on the path of the charging beam, it is based on the mechanism of turning off the laser.
\"We designed, built and tested this laser --
Fast charging system based
\"In response to the safety mechanism, ensure that the laser transmitter terminates the charging beam before the person enters the laser path,\" said Shyam Gollakota, an associate professor at the University of Washington, USA.
\"In addition to the safety mechanism for quickly terminating the charging beam, our platform also includes a radiator to dissipate excess heat generated by the charging beam,\" said Arka Majumdar of the University of Washington . \".
\"These features provide our wireless charging system with the powerful security standards needed to apply them to a variety of business and home environments,\" he said . \".
The researchers designed the laser transmitter when any object-
Like a part of a person\'s body.
Contact with one of the guard beams.
You can feel the blocking of the protective beam quickly enough to detect the fastest movement of the human body.
Next generation Nano Technology
Proportional optics are expected to operate at a gigabit hertz frequency, which may shorten the shutter response time to nanoseconds, Majumdar said.
The beam charges the smartphone by installing a power battery on the back of the phone.
The narrow beam can provide a stable 2 w power for 15 square meters
Inches from the distance of 4.
3 M, about 14 feet m.
The transmitter can be modified to extend the radius of the charging beam from a distance of 12 m or nearly 100 m to an area of 40 feet square centimeters.
This extension means that the transmitter can target a wider charging surface, such as a counter or desktop, and charge a smartphone placed anywhere on that surface.
\"Beam Charging is as fast as plugging your smartphone into a USB port.
But instead of plugging in your phone, you put it on the table, \"said Elyas Bayati, a PhD student at the University of Washington.
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