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nest thermostat glitch leaves users in the cold

by:ShunXinda      2019-10-02
For me, the nest to learn the thermostat is dead.
Last week, once I
The beloved \"smart\" thermostat suffers from a mysterious software bug that runs out of battery and puts our home in the cold in the middle of the night.
Although I adjusted the thermostat to 70 degrees overnight, my wife and I were woken up by a crying baby at four in the morning. m.
The thermometer reading in his room was 64 degrees and the nest fell.
This is not what happened to me.
Many questions-
It allows users to monitor and adjust their thermostat on their smartphones (
Google bought Nest Labs for $3.
2014 2 billion
When the device is out of control in the US, it affects countless customers.
Users vent on the company\'s online forums and social media.
The glitch also coincides with a sharp drop in temperatures in most parts of the country.
\"Woke up and found a dead nest and a very cold house,\" one commenter wrote in the company\'s forum . \".
\"Not good when you have a child sleeping!
Another customer wrote on Twitter: \"Mine is offline . \"
\"Not enough battery (? )I’m traveling. Called nest. Known problem. No resolution. nest fail.
Granted, it may make some people think this is a typical first time.
World problem: a thermostat that can\'t connect to the network.
But for some users, it brings real problems.
For those who are old or sick or have babies, cold houses can have terrible consequences for health.
In addition, homeowners who install nests or vacations at their homes over the weekend are also worried that their pipes will freeze and burst, causing significant damage.
Matt Rogers,
The founder and vice president of Nest Engineering blamed the December software update.
\"We introduced a bug in the software update that didn\'t show up for about two weeks,\" Mr.
Rogers said sorry.
On January, the equipment went offline. \"This is when things started to heat up.
\"Or, don\'t heat in my case.
Nest said the problem has been solved for 99 years.
5% of customers.
To be fair, the company\'s technical support has been working to help affected users.
But the fix may require the customer to follow 9-
Steps to manually restart the thermostat, including removing the device from the wall, charging it with a USB cable for 15 minutes, reconnecting it to the wall, pressing a series of buttons and charging it for at least an hour, then.
. . . . . . You\'re not the only one who\'s confused, I know. (
Nest does propose to send an electrician to your house if you can\'t figure out the answer yourself. )
But it\'s not just a problem.
This shows a bigger problem with so -.
Smart devices we are inviting into our lives: glitches can cause huge problems.
We have seen this before, wireless fobs for keyless cars.
They should let us take the car keys and make life easier, but they also make it easier for thieves to break in (
Use a simple radio amplifier).
This has also happened recently with wearable activity tracker manufacturer Fitbit.
This company is in a class.
The San Francisco lawsuit says the wristband failed to \"consistently and accurately record the wearer\'s heart rate\", which is critical for those with certain conditions.
I \'ve heard dozens of other stories from people with connected families who are locked out by faulty door touchpad or because of a bug (
With wings, not numbers. flew by.
What\'s worse is the lack of recourse.
Buried 8,000 deep in Nest
Word service agreement is a section called \"dispute and arbitration\" that prohibits customers from suing companies or joining classesaction suit.
The dispute was resolved through arbitration.
As the 2015 survey series of The New York Times shows, the use of arbitration provisions is becoming more and more common.
Sonia K said Nest\'s terms of service \"are inherently unfair to consumers \".
Jill, civil justice and consumer protection lawyers for public citizens, a non-profit organization in Washington, D. C. C.
The terms, she said, limit damages and provide for clients to go to San Francisco for arbitration.
\"Who can afford it? ” she said. Moreover, Ms.
Jill notes that you must agree to keep the arbitration clause confidential, which means that you cannot warn other consumers about potential defects.
So, if the water pipe in your home burst because the thermostat stopped working, or, if your grandmother got sick because the heating was turned off in the middle of the night and she didn\'t have a micro USB cable, you can\'t sue.
After last week\'s ice seal, I wanted to throw my nest away.
I haven\'t decided on a replacement yet, but I might get a revelation from Kent Goldman, who is the San Francisco resident I follow on Twitter and had a similar problem with his nest in November
After being shelved by Nest\'s technical support for more than an hour, Mr.
Goldman Sachs went to his nearest Trump card store (
When still on hold)
Pick up an old one
An old-fashioned mechanical thermostat for about $25.
Of course, it won\'t let you change the temperature through your smartphone.
It will not send you an email for monthly use reports.
But it is not vulnerable to bad software, nor does it require Wi-Fi connection.
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