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My Experience in Choosing RC Car as a Gift

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-15
In my own life, I have never come across any man who claims that he does not have any interest in cars! The gene of loving a car is naturally rooted in boys! Scientists believe that lads are fascinated by cars long before they can utter and toddle. When growing up, they love to show off the collection of cars though most of them are jsut models. My own son is a great example of this. He wants to collect toy cars whenever he can! Recently, he is begging for a new RC car as his birthday gift. No doubt, I agree to buy him one. So I make up my mind to search information at online hobby shops. The great variety of amazing RC cars brings me a really big surprise. Both fantastic shape and newest technologies are fully applied to them. For example, one of the cars called HappyCow Infrared Ray IR Racer surprisingly adopts the Android system! It is a four-drive vehicle with crystal white paint. This RC car can run for approximately five to seven minutes after a charge of 45 minutes. You can control the car freely even up to 10 meters away. Such an awesome toy only costs about 23.17 U.S. dollars. Another impressive runner I want to share with you is the SanDiamond 3D-15A RC car. My ground is simple. This runner, powered by a 100m Aj-polymer battery, can be charged via USB cable. So no matter where you are, the charging is not a problem anymore. Moreover, a full charge car is able to scamper for about 15 minutes and the control range is around 20 meters which is a little longer than the last model. Maybe you are more interested in its size. The size, about 115x75x50 mm is quite normal. The complement consists of a transmitter, a USB cable and a manual for how to play and construct the car. The whole set only costs about 25.56 U.S. dollars. I believe this car will be one of the favorites of the teen players. The models above are a little complex for beginners. In case you ask for an easy-to-control runner, I suggest 5 Channel Alloy Mini Remote Control Car to you. It is inexpensive, costing 18.89 U.S. dollars. And it is stylish, featuring red as its surface color. Powered by the NI-MH 2.4 Volt battery, it only needs 5 minutes for charging. Although it is small and exquisite, you are still able to gripe its movements 20 meters away! How amazing! After this throughout search, I think most of the RC cars can be acquired via internet. Generally, you don't need to pay the cost of freight and the express delivery is fast. I have given an order to buy a model. I am really expecting this big surprise for my kid!
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