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Must Have iPhone Accessories

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-15
Newly acquired the world's smartest smart phone? Take measures to ensure that this little genius stays in working order and protected for long. This device is not only unique but also fragile and worth pampering and protecting, like a girl! All those who have bought an iPhone in Dubai must buy iPhone accessories to make their handset look new always. Add life to the iPhone by making use of the accessories that will prevent any kind of damage. Here are some must-have iPhone accessories. Apple iPhone Premium Privacy Protection Film: In today's era of identity theft and fraud, it's more important than ever to protect yourself and that includes the information on your iPhone 4. The Elago Apple iPhone Premium Privacy Filter/Screen Protector is a budget-friendly way to protect both one's identity and the iPhone's beautiful display, protecting it from scratches. Unless one views the phone's screen straight on, one can't see anything that is being displayed. Even a slight change in viewing angle will foil the nosiest peepers. A premium rapid car charger: Charging the phone on the move in the car is always useful in case of heavy 3G usage. If there's an emergency call to be made and the battery had conked off, the car comes to the rescue! Apple iPhone Dock: The iPhone Dock costs reasonably and offers easy access to a USB port for syncing or charging. It also has an audio-out for connecting the iPhone to external speakers. It includes an Apple USB Power Adapter and an Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable. It's a must have iPad accessories for every owner. A pair of good screen puffs: Keep the iPhone's touch screen sparkly and spotless with Boxwave's Screen Puffs. The problem with touch sensitive screens is that they get filled with fingerprints in no time. Make sure to always carry portable screen cleaners. Don't wipe the screen with the shirt anymore; just use the little puffs after each use. Stereo headset: A good pair of stereo headsets is a must-have iPhone accessory to enjoy iTunes. Life without music would be a tad bit boring. Bluetooth headset: These come in extremely handy if the phone is not within reach or when one is in a crowded place and doesn't want to flash the phone to any pickpockets. It also looks chic and stylish. Leather Flip case: The leather flip-open case is very glamorous. It's all about emphasizing the iPhone's signature design feature. It is one of the most stylish and handy iPhone accessory as it gives the whole instrument a sleek and sexy look while protecting the entire surface from bumps and scratches. Intempo iPhone dock: Buy iphone 4 friendly speaker-dock this acts as a speaker for music, charges the phone but will stop if the phone rings. It will also spin horizontally to let the user watch video or perhaps take a video call.
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