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moto g4 plus a solid mid-range smartphone

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-27
Find a good mid-range
Remote smartphones are always a gamble.
In order to get a device with a reasonable price, you have to give up some advanced features, but at the same time, you don\'t want to be too cheap, because ideally you still want the phone to be more than just a phone call and a text message.
Motorola\'s G-series has consistently crossed the line between affordable and practical features, and the new Moto G4 Plus is no exception.
Moto G4 Plus is one of Lenovo\'s three phones
Own the company fourth generation mid-tierrange line (
With slightly lower-
Specced G4 not available in Canada, and smaller, more basic Moto G4 Play).
G4 Plus is easy to navigate with simple interface.
It allows you to quickly unlock your phone via a fingerprint sensor.
While this is far from novel, it works much better than most of the phones I \'ve tried on other phones.
Unfortunately, like most other phones, you can still save only five fingerprints-not all 10-which can be annoying if you try to quickly remove the phone with one hand
You can customize the lock screen to configure notifications that appear by application.
While it has a plastic back which may make it look a bit cheap for some people, the curve of 153mm --by-76. 6 mm-by-9.
8mm phone in hand comfortably.
Its 155g weight makes the G4 Plus not feel the taste of the toy.
Also, you can always buy a nice box to make it look more impressive.
Running on Marshmallow (Android 6. 0. 1)
The phone uses 1.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 octa-5 GHz
Core processor-this is not a top processor-of-the-
But it\'s still a response device. It offers a 5. 5-
1,920x1,080 inch IPS touch screen-
Pixel resolution is nothing special, but there is no problem with the quality of the screen.
Like the previous Motorola phone, you can do various gestures to perform certain actions quickly, such as shaking it up and down to activate the built-in-
In the flashlight app, twist back and forth to activate the camera.
While these features are not new, the phone is very responsive.
G4 Plus has 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera
Both methods use laser autofocus.
By pressing any position on the screen, the camera will automatically focus on that point on the image.
It also includes a slider that allows you to adjust the brightness.
It\'s a fast and efficient way to take pictures, and at the same time, it gives you a little more control than standard autofocus.
If you are a more serious photographer, there is a professional mode that gives you full control over focus, white balance, shutter speed and \"film\" Speed.
The photos it takes are solid: good color balance and clean images. The dual-
The tone LED flash allows for decent photography in case of low light.
The phone also made a video of 1080 p.
G4 Plus has 2 gb of RAM, 32 gb of internal storage, and can use up to 128 GB of microSD. It uses a non-
Removable 3,000 battery, promise to provide fullday charge.
Included fast-
Charging cable, you can add an extra 6 hours battery life in 15 minutes.
This phone is free.
Annual plans for Rogers, Koodo, Virgin Mobile and Wind Mobile.
To buy the phone completely, Virgin and Sasktel offer the best price for $399. 99.
Moto G4 Plus is also available via Telus.
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