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Monster Inspiration Headphones Accentuates More

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-15
These days, there are a few things that every pair of headphones has to have: comfort, style, in-line remote and volume control, quality sound and, sometimes, a big celebrity name emblazoned on them. What about Monster Inspiration Headphones? Following up to their lucrative partnership with Beats to manufacture Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Monster is releasing a new option with its Inspiration model in hopes of exploring new ground in high-fashion and high-performance audio. Unlike Beats which focused on bass-heavy hip hop music, Monster tuned the inspiration headphones for more balance so users can expect an accurate sound no matter which genre of music they listen to. Like the Beats headphones, the Inspiration comes in both active and passive noise cancellation models. Although, Monster finally found a way for the active pair to still work even when the batteries run out. The Inspiration accentuates the mid-range and comes across as a warmer and more natural-sounding headphone. There's good detail and ample bass but the bass doesn't go terribly deep. Overall, they sound punchy (they seem designed to make your music pop and sparkle), though not particularly airy. The Inspiration headphones are marketed as a fashion accessory that users can change at will. The design looks very nice, and feels great both in the hand and over them ears as well. The colored headbands of the device are replaceable so users can match the headband to their mood or outfit, should they want to. We doubt every user will find themselves changing the headbands often, but it's an interesting feature. Like the over-the-ear Beats, the Inspiration is designed for both home and mobile use and my iPhone had no problem driving these headphones. The headphone cord is detachable (a nice feature) and Monster includes three cords with the headphones along with a nice carrying case (the headphones fold up to the fit in the case). In short, the Monster Inspiration headphones are comfortable, have good build quality, and offer impressive, rich sound with good detail and punchy bass. They come with three detachable headphone cables, microphone options for iOS and Android mobile devices, and an extra headband cover you can swap in. Also, they fold up and come with a nice carrying case. We don't know if we'd go that far, but if you have $300 burning a hole in your pocket these might not be a bad purchase.
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