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Mobile phone cable, no longer silly points not clear!

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-23
The computer and the realization of intelligent devices need through the cable data transmission. Due to mobile phone upgrade faster, cell phone USB cable and its interface types are very various, often make a person dazzling, the home phone cable headache. So mobile devices like mobile phones, cameras, mobile hard disk often use what types of USB cable? This is a small make up to search information, share with you! < / p> 1, USB cable according to the development stage roughly divided into 4 types: USB 1. 0, USB, USB 3. 0,USB 3。 1. The greater the number, the faster the speed, can output the maximum current is high. < / p>§USB1。 1 interface, its transmission speed of 12 megabits per second (only 1. 5 mb / s) 。 Is widely used in transmission rate request is not high PC closed set, such as: keyboard, mouse, etc. < / p> § USB transfer rate of 480 MBPS ( 60MB/s) , the theory of data transfer rate is 480 MBPS / 8 = 60 MB/s. < / p>§USB3。 0 transfer rate of 5 GBPS ( 625MB/s) 。 USB3。 1 transfer rate of 10 GBPS. < / p> § USB provide power supply for 5 v / 0. 5A。 USB 3。 0 provide power supply for 5 v / 0. 9A。 To meet the needs of most of the mobile hard disk. USB3。 0 need to install the driver. USB 3。 1 ( 极快的速度+) Provide power for 20 v / 5 a, power 100 w. < / p> § USB cable have common black and white. 3. 0 is usually blue. USB3。 1 interface is usually green. From the perspective of the appearance of the USB male mouth, some tags have SS style, and then only mark ordinary USB universal identification. < / p> § C type plug is mainly refers to the USB3 otg cable in fashion now. 1型- C interface. Similar elongated ellipse shape. 类型, C interface is no longer distinguish between direction, positive and negative can be inserted. , speaking, reading and writing speed, data transfer rate of 10 GBPS, downward compatible with existing USB connector and cable. Ultra-thin interface, USB3. 1型- Long 0 C. 83 centimeters, width of 0. The size of 26 cm. < / p> < / p> 3 - USB类型 C has the following characteristics: < / p> § maximum data transfer rate of 10 gbit/s, is also a USB 3. The standard of 1. < / p>§类型- The size of about 8 on C interface socket. 3毫米×2。 5 mm thin design. < / p> § support from both sides can insert the positive and negative function, can withstand repeated 10000 times plug. < / p> § equipped with Type - C cable connector specifications by 3 a current, but also support beyond the USB PD of existing USB power supply capacity, can provide the maximum power of 100 w. < / p> 4, what is the OTG cable? < / p> < / p> § OTG is On - - Go, is a technology developed in recent years, mainly used in a variety of different devices or mobile connection, for data exchange. < / p> § is in no case, achieve between devices. Digital camera directly connected to a printer, for example, through OTG technology, connection between two devices, USB port will be patted photos printed immediately; Can also be used in the digital data, sent via OTG to USB mobile hard disk, field operation is no need to carry expensive memory card, or a portable computer. < / p> § especially Pad, mobile phones, consumer devices. Change between devices such as digital camera, machine, a variety of different type connector, as many as seven kinds of data exchange between the memory card formats for the inconvenience. < / p>
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