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mobile fair-mobiles to have same charging socket by 2012

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-27
Barcelona February 17Reuters)-
Industry group GSMA said on Tuesday that key mobile industry players have agreed to install phones with the same power outlets by 2012.
The company says the phone will have a micro-USB interface that has been used to transfer pictures from a digital camera to a computer.
The first companies that have signed the change include Nokia NOK1V. HE, LG (003550. KS), Motorola MOT. N, Samsung (005930. KS)
Sony Ericsson (6758. T)(ERICb. ST).
Operators such as AT&T (T. N), Orange FTE. Telefónica (PA)TEF. MC), T-Mobile (DTEGn. DE)and Vodafone (VOD. L)
It is also part of the initiative.
In the end it wants the phone to ship without a charging plug and Cable, the GSMA said, because everyone has a charging plug and cable.
This will also reduce waste and possibly save energy, the organization said, as the agreement requires the charger to meet efficiency targets. (
Niclas Mika reports;
Editor David Cowell)
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