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Mobile Charging Stations For People On The Go

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-16
When people travel in different countries for business or pleasure, one of the things usually forgotten by the traveler to pack is the mobile phone charger. It's either it couldn't be found at the time of packing or it just slipped someone's mind. For some who remembered to bring but who didn't know that electrical outlets are different from country to country, not having a universal plug adapter will render the charger useless, if one can't plug the charger into the hotel's wall outlet. Fortunately, an innovative way of charging mobile phones had been developed aimed at addressing this need of the frequent traveler or just about anyone who is busy and always on the go - through a mobile charging station. Sprouting up almost everywhere, mobilecharging stations are the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to charge mobile phones when one is away from home, office or car, where phone chargers are available. Found in restaurants, pub or bar, coffee shops, hotels, casino, night clubs, trade/exhibit shows, conferences and conventions, airport terminals and even at concert venues, they offer phone charging either for free or for a minimalcharging fee. This innovative product is ideal for travelers who spend most of their time in between airports and hotels. Some of these mobilecharging stations come with different connectors for the leading and widely-used mobile devices while other charging stations have USB outlets that will enable recharging using their own cable. They can also come in different sizes, from desktop stations to free-standing kiosks; with different number of charging cables, from minimum of 4 up to 8 charging cables connected to a station; in different styles, some have trays or pockets to hold the device while others have secured lockers allowing the user to walk away while charging without worrying about the phone being lost; some are illuminated and others are with touch screen interface. Depending on the manufacturer and the venue they will be used for, chargingstations for mobile devices have a wide array of design or style one can choose from. While mobile charging stations have increasingly grown in demand in the last few years, some experts are throwing in their concerns on the vulnerability of the station against 'juice jacking' or become a security risk. Tech experts have demonstrated at a hacker's conference that a chargingstation could be rigged by downloading the data and contents from the device, unknowingly, every time the device is plugged in for recharging. It can be a concealed computer or a system connected to the chargingstation or kiosk sucking down the contents or introducing a virus to the device. Anyone inclined to spreading such harm can easily do that especially that these charging stations are widely available for under $100 for a basic chargingstation. While no genuine juice jacking has been detected yet, tech users are advised to exercise caution when using charging stations to charge the phone. Generally, charging stations located in high security risk areas like the airport terminal or hotel lobby as it would be difficult for juice hackers to tamper with the installed chargingstations in these areas. The key is being conscious and cautious of the station and its connections, etc. before plugging in the mobile device to the charging station.
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