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mini usb drive mod: keys

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-01
This is a mod that will give you a sweet little USB drive up to 4 gigabytes!
And this is really small.
Have a good time and hope you like it!
Edit: the USB drive can still work and keep memory when it\'s done.
There is no reason to cut the circuit board;
It is almost impossible to do this using the USB drive required for this project!
Please comment on criticism.
You need to buy something to make this USB module as the original USB drive has to be small.
You will need: Mini fun for Kingston data travelers ($13 to $30)from amazon.
Old laptop keyboard or some keys. Glue. Tape.
If you (Like Me)
I don\'t want it to be permanent. Xacto knife.
It could be a screwdriver.
Not Philips head)
Or other spy tools. That is All!
You need to remove the case from the usb drive.
Don\'t worry, it\'s easy.
Just pry it open with the Xacto knife.
See Where: a very small USB drive!
Take the key from the keyboard of the old laptop.
If you are having trouble with your keyboard, do what I do: ask your school\'s computer administrator.
The one I talked to, Jack, was so happy to give me a keyboard that was missing a key that would cost about $200 to replace! Now, to work.
Cut all connected crud from the back of the key and trim one end to install the USB drive.
Repeat on other keys. If you (Like me)
Do not want to make this situation permanent and then wrap some tape around the part of the drive that will be covered.
Simple: just glue on the keys on the laptop keyboard at once and wait for the glue to dry.
To make everything go well, you\'ll want to polish the drive that sticks together.
You may have noticed that the side looks strange because it is not filled in.
I was annoyed with this, so I used some hot glue to fix it.
The method is this: spray some hot glue to the side and keep it uniform without bubbles.
Now, run the hot tip of the hot glue gun and smooth the sides with the side of the tip.
Now you can color it with black paint or sharpie.
Here are some photos of completion.
Have some fun using your new drive! Be Proud!
You can press print screen \"(
Prntscrn or SC).
Download wisdom too-
Soft ironing board (free version)
Better screenshots.
See how many Firefox windows you can open! use iTunes!
Try Firefox 3 beta 5.
Best Browser! Play games.
Finally, show off your new USB drive to all your friends and teachers.
Yes, I stopped uploading screen shots of Firefox
Open, just scroll down to the notes section to see them.
I will record (that I know of).
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