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miller lite turned a beer can into a video game controller, and we tried it

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-28
Popular video games and beers are made for each other.
Smashing the button is as good as any workout;
Then, the crisp cold is the perfect reward for sitting and sweating.
Play FIFA or Mario Kart in a dormitory without six peoplepack present? Of course not.
This is a simple and reasonable combination.
Miller Lite knows this, which is why it cuts off the middle man. Today, the O. G.
Light beer introduces a completely ridiculous but clever device that may not completely change the game, but at least quench the thirst.
Meet the controller: a fully functional game controller made of a whole can of beer.
We have gained a lot of publicity for new equipment at popular machinery, so it is worth reporting to carefully choose which products.
But when Miller Lite offered to swing in our office with a bunch of old controllers
After 90 s school games and 30-
There is no such consideration for a beer.
It seems to be a glorious feat of engineering.
Besides, we are a group of beautiful women.
Free beer is definitely helpful.
So the Miller Lite team rolled up with Cantroller in their hands and told us to go crazy.
But before any gameand drinking)
We want to check this thing carefully and study the technical specifications in depth.
Watch our video to see the device that is running: the design of the original controller
It took about three months.
Actually very simple.
How it works: engineers use flexible printed circuit boards (PCB)around the 12-oz.
Then fix the metal dome switch to the top with the adhesive layer.
This allows you to press the 10 buttons on the can and the engineers have chosen this number to make the can controller compatible with as many games as possible without changing the can design.
The PCB is integrated with the Bluetooth IC, allowing wireless connection with the computer, which is transmitted when you press the button.
The Cancontroller includes an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro-battery.
USB port for charging game.
The battery lasts about 3 hours and the charging time is roughly the same.
The prototype of Cantroller is human-machine interface equipment (HID)-
Bluetooth low power standard (BLE)
Game handle working with OSX and Windows.
At the launch, Miller Lite worked with Steam, an online game store with thousands of games in the library.
To get started, all you have to do is pair the controller with your laptop, start the steam, and activate the device by defining the layout and calibrating the device.
Miller Lite\'s laptop is loaded with dozens of games from the glorious years of Sega\'s Genesis, including Hedgehog Sonic, ToeJam & Earl, Dolphin Ecco and angry streets.
Of course, we all tried it.
Whether it\'s the obvious rust brought by not playing these games for 25 years, or the odd feeling of holding a jar on the side to control a Humanoid rodent instead of shooting a beer, the controller took some time to get used to it.
But it didn\'t take long for this gadget to feel completely comfortable in our hands.
Or at least comfortable enough to successfully complete the fist, kick and majestic dolphin flip (
Ecco remains ahead). The buttons-
Your criteria A, B, X, Y, up, down, left, right, start and select-
Not very fast, but they did not insist.
Can Cantroller handle advanced games that need a carefully crafted combination of buttons today to perform the action correctly? Probably not.
But the basic beat’em-
Ups and RPGs can definitely do the job.
We can play for a few hours but we have actual work to do
And, of course, beer.
So we opened the controller and wiped the Pearson inside. (It was 10 a. m. )
The coolest thing is that the device can work with or without beer in the jar, so even after you \'ve finished drinking the beer, you can do it without any problems
What\'s more critical now: Miller Lite only produces 200 of these things, and you can\'t really buy them until some end inevitably on eBay.
But if you happen to be at E3 in Los Angeles this week, you can beat comedian Eric Andre (Adult Swim)in a one-on-
A battle of Street Fighter on Wednesday night
Click here to sign up for the competition.
But Miller Lite tells us that this is just the beginning of the brand\'s foray into the game world, so don\'t be surprised to see more innovation in the future.
Personally, we want to play Wii tennis with a high life bottle.
Let it happen, Miller Coules. (
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