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miller lite beer can is also a video game controller

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-11
I \'ve seen a lot of strange game controllers in the past, but beer cans are new to me.
With the launch of Cantroller, all of the company\'s Miller Coors are starting to get into the Game of E3 2019, a whole can of Miller Lite and a Bluetooth game.
This week it will have a glorious battle with Eric Andre in Los Angeles and hopefully win, but Miller\'s representative took it to the PCMag lab last week and let\'s take a look ahead.
Cantroller looks like a Miller Lite can.
This is because this is a Miller Lite can filled with light beer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
It says Miller Lite and everything and describes it as \"a good pearner beer \".
This seems to be accurate. It\'s fine!
Miller Lite has no real problem as a mass.
A big company produces beer.
I\'m more of a brown beer from Newcastle.
But in fact, the controller is filled with light beer and can be refrigerated.
The game is controlled on the other side of the can, all with a flat film button that does not affect the outline of the can itself.
It\'s as simple as possible, just one arrow key and four face buttons in the Nintendo a/B/X/Y configuration, along with the Start and Select buttons.
The direction pad and the start and select buttons are completely flat and can be clicked inward, while the face button is slightly raised.
The battery pack and Bluetooth transmitter are mounted at the bottom of the can with a small ribbon cable connected to the film panel via the controller.
If you want your own controller then you \'d better be on E3 2019.
This is not a retail product. Miller\'s distribution income is only 200.
The only way to get the controller is to win it at an event held by Miller Lite on Thursday, June 12.
If you can beat Eric Andre with Cantroller in Street Fighter V, you might take it home with you.
Yes, Eric Andre.
Now, I really, really want to start the esports review with hanniba Berres.
If you are there, you can register at the controller. com.
I tried out the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive series on Steam and I can say it\'s definitely a game card!
I play Sonic Hedgehog with beer cans.
Because the membrane control is second only to touch, it is not comfortable
Screen control from bad platform input, but it works.
It even appears in the Windows Bluetooth menu in the form of \"Miller Lite Can\", which is interesting.
No, this is not a good controller.
This is not a good controller, of course. Look at it!
It has only a few buttons and is a beer can.
I also don\'t recommend drinking the beer inside, because in order to avoid any sticky, stale beer smell, you\'ll want to rinse it out after that, I don\'t think the bare tape cable and open micro USB port for electronic devices are IP-rated.
But it is still an amazing controller because it is so strange and unique.
I think of the evil chainsaw PS2 controller or Dragon mission mud PS4 controller resident.
Stupid, unique, uncomfortable to use, but begging to show on the shelf of the game ephemera.
E3 2019 is becoming very strange.
Keep an eye out for our coverage of the show, and if you want to buy a new game controller that is not a game handle, our console and PC controller guide will show you a great deal of options you can use.
The article was originally on PCMag. com.
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