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microsoft tries to out-tablet apple

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-19
Microsoft review (MSFT)
Announced its own tablet, called Microsoft Surface, in an attempt to end its slump in the mobile market, surpassing rivals and partners Apple (AAPL)
Not to mention Google, an absolute competitor (GOOG).
Microsoft is under pressure to deliver its own brand of computers for the first time, rather than software running on the hardware of another company.
To this end, the software giant promises to launch a device that may win the favor of some users, although there is no complete specification yet, let alone hands-onon reviews. A 10. 6-inch-
Wide-screen HD video will be supported on the wide display, although in ultra-
High resolution for IPad Retina display.
There are two types of covers: one is the Touch Cover, which can detect gestures when typing, and the other is the type cover that can be combined as a full keyboard, which is suitable for needs or wants to exceedScreen keyboard.
Cover includes a built-in
Support the tablet on the stand.
Stereo speakers with rear and dual microphones
The camera will support video calls using Skype, which Microsoft bought last year.
Seven reasons Microsoft\'s new tablet may be worried, AppleMicrosoft announced that the Surface tablet will have five colors to choose from, with a thickness of more than one inch.
Users can choose a storage space of 32 gb or 64 gb.
Full service apartmentsized USB 2.
Port 0, which may be compatible with more devices than the iPad, microSD ports using external storage chips, and micro HD video connectors connecting external monitors.
Popular News Joe Biden led the CBS News poll with a massive blackout in controversial police video. The Pro version of the Hong Kong protesters will vary in many ways, including using an Intel processor instead of an ARM chip, probably in order to gain greater computing power, choosing 64 gb or 128 GB of storage space, USB 3. 0 port (
Much faster than USB 2. 0)
Instead of the mini Display Port connector for micro HD.
Microsoft has not announced the date and price of the listing, although a company\'s press release shows that the cost \"competes with similar ARM tablets or Intel Ultrabook\"class PC.
\"At the moment, the ultrabook price can reach $1,000 or more, but as IDC analysts recently told MoneyWatch, it is expected that the ultrabook price will be close to 600 by the end of this year.
Although Microsoft has said it will include the Office version, its popular word processor, spreadsheets, and other application packages.
This may mean that the price will be higher for software reasons, or very competitive features calculated to attract people to the device.
Because it runs Windows, Surface is likely to be third with many popular
The party software package gives it an advantage in the inevitable comparison of it, Android tablets, and iPad with various available applications.
Microsoft may have potential problems with its current hardware partners: this is the first time the company has provided its own computer and has Microsoft compete with companies such as HP (HPQ)and Dell (DELL).
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