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memoriescable: this magical midget will make it easier to charge iphones, ipads

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-25
This USB cable can charge the phone while backing up the data to its built-in large storage recovery peripheral, an Indian distribution network that handles IT, imaging, telecom and life products, after a very successful crowdfunding event on Indiegogo, the latest commemorative event has been launched from PhotoFast.
The storage drive, designed as a charging cable for the iPhone or iPad, adds more convenience than the backup drive available for the iPhone today.
MemoriesCable stores and manages data and automatically backs up iOS devices when charging an iPhone or iPad.
Mr. Ketan C. Patel, CEO of Creative peripherals, said, \"I am pleased to introduce the memory of the iPhone from the home of our esteemed partner PhotoFast.
Considering the popularity of Apple products among the Indian people, I believe that MemoriesCable will achieve great success in the Indian market.
Creative peripherals are the main distributor of PhotoFast products in India and we see this as a great opportunity to further consolidate our position in the Indian market.
We hope that the two search Hong Kong dollar PhotoFast Silver Arrow MemoriesCable will bring great success and creative peripherals.
\"After two years of using the iPhone, I usually have two problems, with running out of space and running out of battery.
This memory can solve these two problems well.
Even for people with computers with a lot of storage space, this cable is as valuable as it is for me.
I often run out of space and I\'m not always on the same computer because my data is everywhere.
This cable let me put everything in one place and it worked for me so it helped to make me more organized.
The cable is also very convenient and small, and it is very convenient to carry with you.
I rely most of my time on my phone to do business and social life and I hardly carry my laptop with me because the memory feature has such a high capacity (up to 128GB)
It\'s also my portable hard drive.
Since it\'s just a cable, I can put it in my pocket without the need for a bag.
The cable also highlights the security issues that I really appreciate, the option to use my Touch ID to secure access to apps and personal files or folders, this ensures that I always have access to my data, but there are also some protections to avoid access to my data.
These features are well combined with the social media backup features of Facebook and Instagram albums, so if I want to access photos offline, I can back up from the Internet.
The device is also equipped with cloud support that allows access and management of Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.
The app also allows access to the Flickr album and to play podcast videos.
The cable also allows me to back up my iTunes library.
Overall, this device is very useful and is definitely a handy companion for anyone using an iPhone or iPad.
Connection: Lightning/USB 3.
0 compatibility: iOS 7. x/8.
X-Mac OS x-Windows 7/8/XP system requirements: AppStore \"I-
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