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Low Self Discharge Rechargeable Batteries Still

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-18
Low Self discharge cells like Max E Batteries may be stored on the shelf or in a drawer for more than 12 months and still have 85% of their total power. Even though this is a tremendous edge over standard rechargeables, you may still find a few 'house-keeping' details to make certain you're receiving the maximum power and life from them. Rechargeable batteries need to be used, again and again. They are very much like a race horse - born to run. Even though they are able to remain in the stall and eat hay, they much rather be running. The same holds true of all rechargeable batteries. With Max E Batteries, we recommend you pull them out of the stable every six months and charge them This keeps the chemistry active and will improve the overall lifespan of these batteries. In case you have already converted your household over to rechargeable batteries, do not forget that you should get the most number of recycles from your batteries. This tends to give you the most value for your money. Max E Batteries are the highest-quality, highest capacity rechargeable batteries currently available and will yield the greatest recycles - up to 1000 - when properly maintained. For those who make an attempt to switch to rechargeables and use an inferior brand - you'll greatly diminish your savings and turn out disappointed. Now - as to the charger. The battery charger is more like the exotic sports car you've got in the garage. You realize it runs great, but for optimum care and safety, you merely take it out on special occasions. Let's face the facts, the more miles you put on that car, the less vaue there is. Approaching your household battery charger ought to be viewed the same way. The greater you utilize a battery charger, the greater heat build-up within the circuitry. Heat is the enemy of most electronics. Now, here's the trade-off. With standard rechargeables you will need to make use of a charger in trickle charge mode. This really is acceptable in case you have certain applications that will need frequent use. We see this with many in our Pro-Audio clients who make use of wireless mics and need maximum capacity at all times. The charger stays on continuously. This increase of heat even in stand-by, will increase your power bill a little bit. For nearly all families, though, the use of a ZeroWatt charger is recommended for optimum charger life - and energy savings. What makes this charger so great quite simply no longer have got to remember to 'take the batteries off the charger and unplug it.' It's like taking your Ferrari out for a spin and having it park itself back in the garage automatically. The Zerowatt battery charger 'parks itself in stand-by' all by itself. I don't know about you, but having no less than one of my appliances that is definitely smart enough to turn itself off and disconnect from the power supply is huge. I keep forgetting to unplug the espresso maker - at least I do not need to bother about the batteries and battery charger.
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