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lg gd510 pop x96 compact pleasure

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-16
Users who are waiting for a powerful, compact, simple touch screen phone whose search terminal is LG GD510 Pop.
The manufacturer claims that Pop is the most compact touch screen phone that can change the perspective of all touch screen enthusiasts.
LG recently released the latest touch screen mobile phone, LG GD510 also named LG GD510 Pop.
According to experts and manufacturers themselves, the phone is the most compact touch phone LG has ever made.
This stylish touch screen phone comes with fun and easy-to-use features.
The body is elegantly designed and slim with a stylish silver shell.
The 3 inch TFT resistor touch screen of LG GD510 Pop supports 256 K color at 240x400 pixel resolution.
Automatic dedicated accelerometer sensor for UI
Add rotate to its screen properties, and you will find more
The function home key on the front of the gadget.
The size of the phone is 97. 8 x 49. 5 x 11.
The weight is about 2mm grams.
The LG GD510 Pop is equipped with a wonderful multimedia system of 3.
The 2 megapixel camera can take a snapshot at a resolution of x 1536 pixels on 2048.
The camera also takes amazing videos.
Zoom, autofocus, photo album, etc.
It has few integrated functions.
The given music player for the phone allows MP3, WAV, and eAAC audio files, while the mpeg 4, H263, and H264 video files can be accepted on the video player.
Embedded and downloadable games with RDS facilities and stereo FM radio complete the multimedia scene of the gadget.
LG GD510 Pop allows users to enjoy a handful of high-end connectivity and data sharing capabilities such as 3g, micro USB, Bluetooth 2, etc.
1 with A2DP, EDGE and GPRS. WAP 2. 0 , X-
HTML and HTML browsers complete the Internet system for mobile phones.
The solar panel option is an exclusive addition to this attractive device.
The backup phone has a standard Li-installed-Ion 900 mAh (LGIP-550N)
However, the company has not yet released the expected call time and standby time.
42 MB of internal storage is provided, while a maximum of 16 GB is supported for a given MicroSD card slot.
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