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lg g4: real deal

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-11
The Android system features leather and laser shooting.
Smartphone makers have found that their products are becoming more and more difficult to distinguish because smartphone technology seems to have reached the platform period.
In order to make yourself different, LG chose to use genuine leather instead of glass or metal as the back, thus taking the high-end route of G4.
We love the leather back, it not only gives it lessons, but it feels natural, unlike metal or glass.
You don\'t have to worry about scratches or stains either, it provides a good grip.
Like other smartphone manufacturers, LG has moved the volume and power buttons from the side to the back.
They are located directly below the camera and are easily accessible with the index finger.
If you can\'t adapt to it, you can always turn to double
Click on the gesture to turn the screen on or off, which works as well.
Surprisingly, LG has missed the fingerprint sensors that are common to most flagship models today.
Quantum surpassed the 5 of g4.
5in QHD display (
1,440x2,560 pixels)
Screaming that needs attention.
Using quantum display technology, the color reproduction effect is better, the contrast is higher, and the brightness is higher.
We found that colors are more natural and accurate than other brands of monitors.
The automatic brightness setting is also accurate for indoor and outdoor. The 16-
Million pixel camera with OIS (
Optical image stabilization)and laser-
Guided focus is arguably one of the best Android cameras on the market. The laser-
Guided focus is great for capturing objects that move quickly like cars.
The camera interface is simple and clear, with three settings: simple, automatic and manual.
Simple provides a clean interface with only one option-click to shoot-as the camera selects the best settings for any scene.
With Auto, users will be able to use flash, HDR, screen scale and even capture speed.
However, the full potential of the camera can only be released manually, as all options such as white balance, ISO, aperture, and exposure can be adjusted.
It also allows images to be saved in RAW format, which is the best format to adjust using the appropriate photo editor.
The outdoor shooting was great and the details and colors were accurate.
However, the photos taken under strong backlight are a bit purple.
Indoor shooting is also generally good, but the effect of excessive grinding is also very slight.
Unlike other flagship models, G4 is in hexa-
Core processor instead of octacore.
Actually, it\'s not a bad move because even if we run two apps at the same time, we don\'t have any problems with smartphones.
We use Android\'s PCMark to test its performance and test the web browsing, video playback and photo editing of the phone.
G4 scored 4,657 points, which is equivalent to devices such as Sony Xperia Z3 (4,668)and Huawei P8 (4,501).
Wolf between us and Asphalt 8: flight in the air was smooth, no problem, no fever on the phone.
Basically G4 is pre-installed with Android 5.
1 lollipop with lg ux user interface.
The UI is not much different from the stock Android version, which makes it easy to master.
The app drawer also exists, which makes it easy for your app to be organized.
The app icons for LG\'s phones, contacts, galleries and calendars are very consistent with the material design for Android, which is great.
LG has also done a great job keeping blog software to a minimum, allowing users to download other content such as themes, fonts and wallpapers.
We really enjoyed the weather widget as it provided friendly advice such as \"it is expected to rain until night \".
Hot and humid. Stay hydrated.
\"It also reminds you to turn off apps running in the background from time to keep your phone running smoothly.
3,000 of the battery is hard to keep up with the speed of the phone-it consumes faster than batteries with similar capacity on other phones, which may be due to the power supply
Hungry? QHD display.
On PCMark, it scored 6 hours and 48 minutes in the working battery life test, ahead of Xiaomi Mi Note (
6 hours and 26 minutes)and Huawei P8 (
6 hours 5 minutes).
In our own tests, we managed to get about 6 to 7 hours of time, mainly including a lot of social media usage, occasional games, and Waze navigation.
On the positive side, G4 is one of the few phones that still have removable batteries, so it can be replaced easily.
Conclusion G4 is one of the best Android smartphones on the market, but it\'s a bit late to get here.
It feels good due to the presence of leather, with cool features such as laser
Guided focus, simple and sweet user interface.
Even though it\'s not the thinnest or lightest smartphone, there\'s a lot of the right things about it and you shouldn\'t miss it.
Advantages: excellent camera;
Good user interface; real leather.
Disadvantages: the average life of the battery;
No fingerprint sensor; pricey. G4(LG)
Android smartphone network: 4g Operating system: Android 5.
1 lollipop Display: 5. 5in QHD (
1,440x2,560 pixels)Camera: 16-
Megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and laser focusing, 8-
Megapixel front camera connection: Micro USB 2. 0, Bluetooth 4.
1 Processor: Qualcomm snap Dragon 808 (quad-core 1. 44GHz Cortex-A53 & dual-core 1. 82GHz Cortex-A57)
Memory: 32 gb memory, 3 gb memory slot: MicroSD (
Support up to 128 GB)
Battery Size: 3,000 mAhDimensions (W x D x H): 76. 1 x 6. 3-9. 8 x 148.
MmWeight: 155 gWebsite: www. lg. com.
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