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LG Esteem Metro PCS

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-20
LG Esteem Metro PCS sounds like quite a fancy name for a cell phone and why shouldn't it be. The new flagship from the LG cell phone manufacturing department is the LG Esteem Metro PCS Smartphone. These days the Smartphone industry is all about the biggest hardware specs. LG on the other hand have created a mid-range Smartphone that doesn't cost you much but on the other hand is well equipped enough to compete with the top smart phones. Equipped with 1 GHz snapdragon single core processor, 512Mb of RAM, 4.3in of bright display and a complete range of connectivity from micro USB to HDMI and price tag of $379 makes this a package hard to resist. LG Esteem Metro PCS also comes with an 8Mp snapper at the back which is capable of recording video at 720fps. Sure it is not the best and the ultimate hardware available on market but then again at this price it is hard to believe what you get. Besides this, the LG Esteem Metro PCS is equipped with android 2.3 gingerbread. On this powerful spec sheet, it runs pretty smooth. Now we know that there are other more powerful smart phones on the market but what makes LG Esteem Metro PCS different are the accessories that are going to be developed for this Smartphone. The most common accessory for smart phones on the market is Bluetooth headset and that about it. But LG Esteem Metro PCS is going to offer much more. Let's start at the basics; the package would come with a micro USB cable and a charger and memory card. The Bluetooth headset experience is also more enhanced and closer to perfection is LG Esteem Metro PCS because it supports Bluetooth 3.0 which means a better quality for voice calls and more efficient battery usage. LG esteem also supports USB charging so you won't have any trouble charging your phone via your USB cable. The LG Esteem Metro PCS also has a wide beautiful and elegant range of pouches specially made to protect and prolong the beautiful display life and quality. These pouches are already available on the market and their production is not limited. From simple one colored elegant pouches to outrageous tattoo textured pouches everything is available to make your Smartphone stand out. LG Esteem comes with a 1500mAh battery that is sufficient to support for a whole day. But if you are a heavy user and like more battery life, the battery is easily replaceable and you can have an extra battery. Portable one time battery chargers are also being specially developed for LG Esteem Metro PCS which is the first of its kind. Car chargers will also be easily available on the market once the phone gets launched properly. Crystal protectors will also be made especially for LG Esteem that make the real elegance shine out for this Smartphone. What LG really have done with LG Esteem is that they have captured the previously unoccupied market of Smartphone with the greatest accessories.
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