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lg cosmos accessories guide

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-12
One of the most useful LG Cosmos accessories is an extra memory card or two.
You can never have too much storage.
There are several types of memory cards, but the micro SanDisk memory card is what LG Cosmos wants.
The micro SanDisk memory card has a lot of memory.
You can buy a 2 gb or 16 gb.
Also, consider getting an adapter for a micro SanDisk memory card.
You never know when you may need to transfer data from your phone to a computer with only a memory card.
To purchase a memory card or adapter, click this link.
Another accessory for travel charger LG Cosmos is the micro USB travel charger, which you can\'t leave.
If you are traveling, you need a way to charge the LG universe.
With a micro USB cable, this charger connects LG Cosmos to any power outlet.
Just plug the charger into the wall and wait for the battery to charge.
If you need to make a phone call, the phone will work when the battery is charged.
To purchase a travel charger, visit this website.
The spare battery is always troublesome when your battery runs out, but it is more annoying when the battery is not charged.
If your LG Cosmos has a spare battery then everything is fine.
The LG universe runs in lithium-ion battery.
It\'s always the best to use standard lithium --
Ion batteries packed in each LG universe.
To purchase the battery, click this link.
This Nokia Bluetooth headset allows the Bluetooth headset to speak freely.
It transmits sound to LG Cosmos via Bluetooth connection.
You don\'t have to put your phone on your ears anymore.
Simply put the Bluetooth headset on one ear for communication and place the phone within 30 feet of you.
You can adjust the call volume through the headset and press the button to answer the call.
To purchase a Bluetooth headset, visit this website.
The vent car holder when you drive, this device will stick to the vent of the car and keep the LG universe in place.
You can adjust the installation of the horizontal or vertical vents.
The holder has a quick release side handle that allows you to remove your phone easily.
The bracket is scratch-resistant and protects the mobile phone with a thick rubber pad.
To buy a car vent bracket, visit this website.
The screen protector protects the LCD screen of LG Cosmos from Grease, scratches and other damage through the screen protector.
The thin and transparent lid is good on the screen and does not create glare.
The screen protector doubles as a mirror when the screen is off.
To purchase a screen protector, visit this website.
You may also be interested in the best LG Cosmos case.
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