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lesser lumia is no small fry

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-22
The Nokia Lumia 800 and the recently released Nokia Lumia 900 have caused a sensation at CES 2012, and many may have forgotten another Lumia-710.
Nokia has received considerable criticism for the price of the Lumia 800, but let\'s face it --
A built-in AMOLED display and 8-
The price of the Megger camera will be high.
But as Nokia, Nokia will always have
Range options and those who want to try out Windows phone for an affordable price may find the Lumia 710 an attractive option.
So what\'s the price of the Nokia Lumia 710 compared to its big brother?
First of all, from a design point of view, the Lumia 710 is similar to Nokia\'s past and looks like the old 603. The 3. 7-
Inch displays, curved edges, plastic backplates and physical buttons still look good, but don\'t really give a feel for a premium phone.
Unlike the Lumia 800, the 710 does not have a uniform polycarbonate structure, so you can remove the back plate to reveal the 1,300 maH Li-
Ion battery and micro SIM card slot.
The device comes with 8 gb on-board storage, but unfortunately there is no micro SD card slot, which is lacking even in the Lumia 800.
The back panel has many colors such as cyan, black, white, yellow and Miscellaneous colors, and you can exchange them according to your mood.
I ate the cyan (blue)
But I found it easy to attract stains so it looks discolored after a few days of use.
Depending on your choice, you can choose your phone with a white or black front panel.
There is a bunch of physical buttons on the phone, including power button, volume toggle switch, camera shutter button and main window control button at the bottom for back, home and search.
Windows controls are physical buttons and are a welcome change to the main capacitive buttons you see on most smartphones;
Although other buttons are fragile and unresponsive, I can\'t say the same thing to them.
The Lumia 710 has one after 5-
The Meg camera comes with LED flash but lacks the front camera, which is also a missing feature in the Lumia 800.
This phone is charged via a micro USB slot so you can\'t use your thin phone
Nokia charger.
The user interface does not expect an amazing AMOLED display on the Lumia 710, but at least Nokia has used its ClearBlack technology (
This improves the contrast and makes the black look darker)
Cover the screen with Corning Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches.
The 480x800 display is not as good as the display on the Lumia 800, but it does a great job of showing the colorful tile interface of Windows Mango.
The viewing angle is very standard, but the screen does look a bit faded when it is tilted.
The screen is not very good in the bright sun.
Internally, the user experience is almost the same as the Lumia 800.
Windows Mango will not leave much space for customization, however, you will get the same contact transfer app Nokia Drive (
Voice navigation system of the company)
Nokia Maps and radio TuneIn.
You can read these in detail in my comments on Lumia 800.
The internal structure of the Lumia 710 is also the same as that of the Lumia 800-a 1.
Qualcomm chipset for MSM8255 1. 2 ghz, 512 mb ram and Adreno 205 graphics.
These specs seem to be the standard for most Windows phones.
The phone didn\'t hang or slow down due to heavy usage, but I did find that the proximity sensor occasionally fails (
Symbian phones like Nokia E6, E7 and N8, I am facing a big problem)
It\'s really annoying and can make or break your opinion of the phone.
Otherwise, the touch screen responds very quickly and supports scrolling and pinching-to-zoom with ease.
The call quality is good even in a noisy environment, and the volume and clarity are high.
There are cases where the phone is hung up but not enough to make it a problem.
The 1,300 maH battery is a bit down from the 800 maH battery of the Lumia 1,450, but it\'s been enough for a day, including the Facebook and Twitter updates that have been opened to activate push messages for both email accounts, several hours of talk time, as well as the use of some browsing, texting and Whatsapp.
Our verdict is very different in price from the Lumia 800 and you don\'t have to compromise too much on the Lumia 710.
Performance and interface are pretty much the same as the only downgrade-if you can call it a downgrade-including build, screen size, and screen resolution.
If you\'re looking for the first smartphone or mid-range
The Windows phone series of Windows 710 phones are in perfect balance.
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