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lenovo ideapad k1: slated to win?

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-30
With all the other major tech companies like Apple, Samsung, HP, Motorola, and HTC bowing to the frenzy of tablets, we don\'t have to wait too long, and Lenovo has decided to take risks.
Before the acquisition of IBM\'s personal computing business in 1995, it was relatively unknown, and Lenovo is now known for its ThinkPad series of commercial laptops.
The company recently launched three tablets-enterprise-
For ThinkPad tablets, mainstream IdeaPad K1 and budget IdeaPad a1.
I reviewed 10 this week. 1-Inch IdeaPad k1.
The recent series of cellular releases did not leave much room for innovation in design.
That\'s why IdeaPad K1 is very refreshing.
Although there is a plain black smooth frame on the front, there is a frame that looks like Apple
Esque physical button in the center of the bottom.
The cellular tablet generally has all the controls in the screen, and the border itself does not, so Lenovo\'s Home key changes a bit.
As I found out later, this button is also an optical trackpad that allows you to slide on your way back to the home screen.
It\'s not very accurate, but you can see little white aliens when it\'s activated --
Ish LED points on both sides of the button.
Another difference from other cellular tablets is the back panel.
Lenovo has some very attractive color options including Crimson, black and white.
Three panels-
Four parts on the back, gently tilted into a metal frame containing a stereo speaker.
If you do not want to choose a standard smooth plastic finish, you can choose Black
The brown combo I got, made of textured leather, looks more professional and subtle.
There\'s a bunch of ports and physical controls on the edge, but I don\'t like the lack of a mini USB port.
Instead, you have to charge your tablet or transfer data from the dock connector.
The Lenovo representative told me that K1 does have an optional USB connector that can be plugged into the docking station, but so far this is only available in specific markets.
What you have is a micro HDMI port, headphone jack, directional lock, volume switch and power button.
The SIM card and micro SD card are installed in the tray, which is neatly released by inserting a pin into the small hole next to it, similar to the iPad 2.
K1 has 16 gb, 32 gb, and 64 gb versions, but as of now, Indian consumers can only buy 32 gb Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+3G model.
Despite the creative finish on K1, the tablet is large in size, about 750 grams, and the back plate is tilted to the top, so one end is thicker than the other.
Given that there is no USB port, I would like to have a slightly thinner, lighter form factor.
Most tablet makers choose some kind of skin to cover the cellular experience, and Lenovo is no exception.
Fortunately, however, in addition to making the most of it and completely changing the user interface, there are a few additions that don\'t interfere with the honeycomb too much.
The most striking thing is Lenovo\'s app launcher.
Sitting in the center of the screen, there are four big icons for viewing, listening, reading, and email.
The circle browser icon is perfect for being in the center.
If you look closely, you\'ll see two small icons for setting up-one that takes you to the main settings menu for your tablet and the other that lets you adjust the app launcher itself.
During a recent Lenovo media tour in Beijing, we had the opportunity to experience other Lenovo products, and we watched a video of LePhone (
Lenovo\'s Android phone is only available in China so far)
Show us the inspiration for the app launcher comes from a flower-so you have four petals and center.
At least Lenovo gives you the option to change the launcher shortcut, change the launcher color or even completely remove the launcher itself.
I found the launcher very useful, especially with quick access to the settings, which is not very convenient on the cellular interface.
Another customization is on the control panel at the bottom.
Now there is a common control over home and running apps, but Lenovo gives you an extra option to close the open by pressing the small \"x\" icon on each app
There\'s also some ambiguity.
Like the icon in the center, it provides you with the rotation curve of your favorite app and is also customizable.
The touch screen is sensitive, and the movements such as scrolling and pinch and zoom are very smooth. The 10. 1-
Another advantage of the inch screen is the perfect size of the keyboard.
I was able to increase typing speed with minimal errors.
The screen is big enough that I can adapt to two
Typing manually, but if you think you might miss the physical keyboard, you can purchase an optional keyboard dock for K1 sold separately.
K1 is actually a perfect media tablet.
The app is loaded, which saves the hassle of downloading them.
Angry Birds HD, Amazon Kindle, documents to go, Norton Security and Zinio are a few notable additions.
These may be classified as useful or inflated depending on your usage.
K1 also allows you to access the Lenovo App Store, where you can download the third-
Not a party app for the Android Market.
There are not many options and most apps are available on the Android Market as well, but it\'s an interesting option and a quick way to find what you want.
I loaded a season of the Kennedy family on my tablet and I was surprised that I was able to watch these episodes through Android\'s video player-K1 actually supports more file formats, including.
Avi, this is useful because you don\'t need to download the third one
Party app like Rock player.
But what I don\'t like is that although the playback is smooth, the color is a little faded and lacks richness.
The sound quality is not as good as the Moto Xoom, but in a quiet room with no headphones, I had a good time.
Lenovo\'s social touch app integrates your email, Facebook, Twitter, and calendar to display all new notifications in one widget.
The browser has easy access to multiple tags, bookmarks, and searches, and supports Flash 10. 2.
Tablet manufacturers don\'t pay much attention to their cameras, and k1 products are quite common.
The rear camera is 5-
Megosphere capable of 720 p HD video recording and 2-
Meg front camera works fine in video chat.
K1 runs on a 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor with 1 GB of DDR2 memory, not behind the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.
1 and Motorola Xoom
I did some benchmarking to compare it and on Linpack I got 30 points.
232, compared to about 31.
Motorola Xoom 442 and 30.
208 on Samsung Galaxy Tab.
In Galaxy Tab 10, the quadrant score was slightly lower at 1848.
Up to about 2378.
I\'m in a 2-
During the week, except for the rare freeze, I didn\'t get any trouble because of the slow speed.
I often have up to 5 apps running at the same time, and I don\'t encounter any lag when switching or opening new apps.
The only problem I have is the power button, which sometimes refuses to wake up the tablet despite repeated press.
I haven\'t heard any other complaints about this yet, so it\'s probably just a quirk from my review department.
Battery life is estimated to be 10 hours, but with TweetDeck, Email and Facebook connections, a few hours of browsing and watching videos, my average battery life is about 6 hours.
As a latecomer to the tablet market, Lenovo may not have the advantage of well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and Apple.
However, the company does have a loyal fan --
The base, coupled with a charming look, can attract the attention of many people.
As far as tablets are concerned, K1 is excellent in terms of performance and in my opinion it is one of the best cellular tablets. Rs 29,500 (32GB, WiFi)Rs 33,990 (32GB, 3G)
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