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JXD 3000 Price In India

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-22
JXD300 has a 4.3-inch screen, its design resembles a PSP. The up, down, left and right keys are on the left, while the enter key, on/off and other controlling buttons are on the right. A reasonable distribution of keys and buttons makes it easier to play the game. Black, pink, white are available. Description JXD 3000 Portable Multimedia Players, consumer electronic devices are available in black, pink and white colors making it a product that gaming geeks with an artistic inclination would long for. PMP are gaming devices capable of playing digital media as an audio, video, graphic image and displaying documents. Using SD Card as a storage medium JXD 3000 displays images in foray of colors. With a 4.3 inch screen and ergonomically placed keys, JXD becomes the most sought after product in the market in PMP range. A reasonable distribution of keys and buttons makes it easier to play the game. Black, pink, white are available. Fea3000 tures this JXD Portable Multimedia Player boasts of wide support for audio format, making almost any kind of audio file working on it. WMA files being the sole property of Windows are generally supported by products coming from Microsoft backyard or a product supported by Microsoft. JXD 3000 supporting MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC and APE becomes a unique product with support for almost all audio files. Display resolution 0f 480 x 272 with the combination of 16m colors leaves your eyes glaring wide open over its Thin Film screen. Connection option with USB Flash drive and compatibility with Windows 98, SE, 2000 and XP makes the job of data transfer and data navigation a breeze for you. Camera of 2 MP is sufficient in itself to capture photos of your loved ones. Accessories including Earphones, AC Adapter, USB Host Cable, Installation CD ROM, and Operating Instructions make the list unmatched. If you are interested in storage of video files of special occasions, say first birthday celebration of your child or marriage ceremony of your close friend or say festive fanfare then memory capacity of 1GB to 4 GB is more than enough to meet your purchase criteria. Equalizers with range that includes Normal, Rock, Pop, Bourdon, Alt and Lyric will rock you on the roads. SALIENT FEATURES RMVB, RM, AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG, ALV makes a list that includes almost all video files ranging from Real Media, Microsoft to Sony. Video files developed by almost all vendors inclusive of DVD Files are supported by JXD 3000, making it open to almost all standards. PROS Lion Battery with music playback capacity of 12 hours and video playback capacity of 6 hours is fulfillment of requirement beyond what one looks for. CONS Non availability of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is again an apparent drawback of JXD 3000 PMP similar to JXD 1000. VERDICT If you are looking for a media player that leaves lasting impression on your friends then just go for JXD 3000 Portable Multimedia Player without looking back. Disclaimer Actual Product may vary in size, color and appearance. The information provided on the page is subject to change as per the upgradation in the product.
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