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just got a new playstation 4 or playstation 4 pro? here\'s how to set it up right

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-24
You just got a brand new PlayStation and won the holiday!
While the game system is certainly full of excitement, what\'s really interesting now is: set it up correctly.
The good news is that thanks to HDMI-a cable that transfers digital audio and video to the screen from the console-it was much simpler to install in 2018 than in the last few years.
Here\'s what you need to do for each system, not only to open it, but also to make sure you can make the most of it out of the box.
There are two types of PlayStation 4: \"Slim\" or regular PS4, as well as a more powerful PS4 Pro.
Fortunately, both are the same for basic settings.
These two consoles are out of the box and provide everything you need, including the power cord and HDMI cable you need to plug in your hd TV.
First plug the two cables into their respective ports and turn on the TV.
The PS4 comes with a wireless controller.
Simply plug it into the USB port in front of the PS4 using the included USB cable and press the PlayStation button on the controller to sync it with the system.
This is the way you charge the controller, and the way you sync the extra controller.
Wireless controllers can also plug in headphones or headphones to chat online. Follow the on-
Language, date and time, and on-screen instructions to connect to the Internet.
If your PS4 is next to the Ethernet port on the wall (
Or through your router)
Insert PS4 into the device (
You may need to find an Ethernet cable)
And select the use LAN cable option.
Ethernet is usually a better and faster connection than WiFi, so if there is this option you should use it in the game.
If not, connect the PS4 to the WiFi network.
If needed, you can add a WiFi password using the controller.
When the \"X\" button is selected, the left joystick or direction pad on the left side of the controller can be used to move the cursor.
After doing so, you may need to download the software update.
It slows down, but in any case, you need it before playing online;
So download and install it, then keep it a little bit, and then open more gifts.
Setting up the PlayStation NetworkNow is complete and you can complete the installation process, including setting up the PlayStation Network ID for downloading games and playing online.
Like Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony needs to subscribe to its PlayStation Plus service-$59 for most games. 99 (RM250)
Play online every year. A 14-
Free day trials are included in each system.
But depending on the package you bought, you may have been there for a whole year.
If you want to buy it right away, Sony also sells subscriptions directly on the console-in addition to several major retailers.
Click on the icon marked \"Profile (
Next to the trophy and headset icon on the main menu line)
You can log in to your PlayStation Network account if you are from a one-month PlayStation, a PlayStation Vita console or collect it in advance.
If this is your first PlayStation, you can also create a new account.
You can also access this login screen by going to the \"Plus\" icon of the PlayStation Plus.
Download the game and the app to start the PlayStation Plus trial, or enter any code for the game included in the bundle and you can go to the PlayStation Store.
From there you will see an option at the bottom on the left --
Hand side marked with \"redemption code. \"Pro-
Tip: Sony has a PlayStation app for iOS and Android.
Once your account is created and logged in on the PS4, you\'ll be able to log in to these apps and more easily enter service and game codes for your account.
All the games you buy can be found in the \"buy\" section of the \"library\" app.
In the PlayStation Store, you can also find games like fortnite for purchase or download.
As part of the PlayStation Plus, Sony includes discounts on a variety of games in addition to offering two free selection games per month.
Note: There is no need to subscribe to PS Plus for fortnite to play online.
You need PS Plus if you want to play other games like Call or NBA 2K19.
In addition to the game, the store is also where you are in apps such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Spotify, and at these times you want to use your PlayStation to play games other than that.
If you have a new or recent TV, you will want to turn on HDR and 4 k and make the most of the latest TV.
HDR is supported for all PS4s and can be turned on by going to Settings, sound and screen, and then to video output settings.
\"Make sure the settings for HDR and\" deep color output \"are set to\" auto \".
Note: Some TVs need to go to the picture settings to enable HDR.
This is sometimes called the hdmi uhd color (on Samsung TVs)
, HDMI ultra-high dark color (on LG TVs)
Or make sure the TV input is set to HDMI 2. 0 (on Roku TVs).
When in doubt, a quick search on how to enable HDR on your chosen TV should help with a quick setup.
If you have a PS4 Pro, you can also use 4 k on your new TV.
If your TV supports 4 k, make sure the resolution section is set to automatic, which will bring PS4 playback to the maximum resolution supported by your TV. Go game! Congrats!
Your new PS4 is now set up online and ready.
Now it\'s time to sit down, relax and play some spidersManor Fortnite.
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